Riverfront Playhouse to Hold Auditions

Somewhere In Between, Directed by Chris Gomez

Told in ten scenes, the play focuses on the life of Jasper, a young man making his way through the world by navigating the terrain of life while balancing a job, friends, daily mundane issues, and trying to find a special someone to spend his time with. Along the way he meets plenty of unique characters we all can relate to, or relate to knowing ourselves.

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Auditions Sunday July 15th and Monday July 16th at 6:00pm at 1950 California St. Redding.

11 men and 9 woman, all ages

Most parts will be small with flexible/accommodating rehearsal schedules.
Sides will be provided. No monologues, headshots, or resumes required.

For more information, email chris@riverfrontplayhouse.net


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