Man Injured by Boat Propeller on Shasta Lake

On Wednesday, 7-4-18, at 1149 hours, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit received a call of a male subject who was struck by a propeller from a boat on Shasta Lake near Jones Valley Marina.

Boating Safety personnel responded to the Jones Valley Marina. Medical personnel arrived and contacted the injured male, who was identified as Benjamin Duncan, 40 years old from Redding. Medical personnel were attending to Duncan when deputies arrived.

Deputies learned from Duncan and his passenger, Marcy Bertolucci that they were travelling out of the Jones Valley Inlet, in Duncan’s small aluminum fishing boat with an outboard motor on it. There were numerous boats travelling in the area and the water was choppy from all the boat traffic.

Duncan and Bertolucci hit a group of waves which caused Duncan’s boat to veer left and eject both of them into the water. Duncan was struck by the boat’s propeller after being ejected into the water. Neither of them were wearing a life jacket nor were there the required life jackets in the boat.

They were able to get back into the boat and then another boat towed them back to Jones Valley Marina for medical assistance. Deputies learned Duncan consumed alcohol prior to the accident, but it does not appear to be a factor in the accident.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone while recreating on the water, to have the proper safety equipment on their boats. The Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone to wear a life jacket while on or near the water.

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