6/25/11 Lake Shasta Tubing Accident Lands Man in Hospital

CRIME/INCIDENT: Boating Accident with injury LOCATION: End of Sugarloaf Inlet, Sacramento arm, Lake Shasta VICTIM: Daniel Artiga, 30 years old, of San Pablo, CA. DRIVER: John Thomas Larricq, 31 years old, of Burlingame, CA. SYNOPSIS: On Saturday, 06-25-11, at 1500… Continue Reading


5/30/11 Lake Shasta Boat Crash Ends in Injury, BUI Arrest

DATE/TIME: 05/30/2011 @ 0600 hrs CONTACT OFFICER: Dep Sandbloom #141 CASE # 11-16684 BY: Dep Caporusso #130 CRIME/INCIDENT: BUI w/ Injury LOCATION: Shasta Lake VICTIM(S): SUSPECTS(S): Corey Lee Lewis, age 22 SYNOPSIS: On 05/29/2011, at 2319 hrs (11:19 p.m.), the… Continue Reading