Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Issues a Precautionary Public Advisory For Brandy Creek Beach

In an effort to protect public health, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area monitors water quality regularly and collaborates with the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board. This monitoring occurs each year to examine overall swim beach water quality health during the summer months. Recent water quality monitoring shows that Brandy Creek Beach has had elevated levels of E. coli at some sites, posing an increased risk to recreational users of this specific beach. There have been no reports of illnesses.

At present, the park is collecting additional information to help county health officials and park managers better determine the level of risk to people who are swimming at this location.

Elevated levels could lead to public warnings or restricted access to the beach. Because of the increased risk of contracting an illness, the National Park Service advises against swimming within the Brandy Creek Swim Beach area as we continue to monitor the swim beach water. This does not mean that the beaches are closed, but the National Park Service is recommending against swimming in the water at Brandy Creek Beach until further notice.

Press Release

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