A New Way of Receiving the News—Who Knew? New News Column Debuts Monday

There’s a new sheriff at A News Café. Or maybe it’s a new news sheriff? Or an old sheriff offering up some new news?

To be honest, it’s pretty much anybody’s guess (and no, “fake news” does not count as a guess) as to what you’ll find here. But what I can say is, that after a brainstorming session with Doni Chamberlain, this site’s editor, publisher and chief bottle washer, the two of us have decided to switch things up a bit as far as my role at A News Cafe.

Beginning Monday, I will be reporting on Redding-area news in a column to be published here on a weakly, er, weekly basis.

Certainly, I will still keep a watchful eye on the Redding City Council, but I may not grind all the way through some of those four-hour marathons. Instead, my goal is to report on the people, issues, events, developments and trends that may be of interest to A News Café readers.

The hope Doni and I share is that faithful readers will get in the habit of checking out the column each week for a quick and informative update on current events in the community as well as some occasional analysis.

A little background: I’ve been a Redding resident for the past 32 years and a journalist for 37 years. After stints at newspapers in Woodland, Davis and Vacaville, I was on the staff of the Record Searchlight for 15 years. I’ve continued my career as a freelance writer, in between a three-year stretch as the editor of an online newspaper in Mount Shasta and five years as a development officer at Redding public television station KIXE.

Rest assured, none of this will be on the test.

Please tag along beginning Monday and together we’ll see where this thing leads us.


Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis is a freelance writer living in Redding. He has more than 30 years experience writing for newspapers and magazines. Contact him at jonpaullewis@gmail.com.

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