Convicted Sex Offender Arrested Near Church School

Trinity Lutheran

On 08/16/2017 at approximately 07:32 am, Corporal W. Williams responded to a call at the Trinity Lutheran Church on Hilltop Drive regarding an unknown male destroying a fence that separated their property from Fator’s on Grove Street. Corporal Williams located Steven Lewis, 57 years of age currently of Redding, lying on his back touching himself inappropriately within 100’ of the classrooms but out of view of the children at the school. Steven Lewis’ pants were unzipped and unbuttoned.

Steven Lewis has a previous conviction requiring him to register as a sexual offender and is prohibited from being on any school campus or adjacent property. Steven Lewis was found to be on felony probation for theft related offenses and was in possession of a four inch fix blade knife hidden in his back pocket.

Steven Lewis admitted to his actions which were seen by staff at the school. Steven Lewis was arrested and booked in the Shasta County Jail for unlawfully being on the campus of a school, committing a lewd act in public, illegal possession of a dirk or dagger on his person and on a school campus, and a probation violation.

Redding Police Department

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