Felon Charged With Hate Crime

Birkle mugshot

On 08/16/2017 at approximately 12:00 pm, Security Officers at the City of Redding Public Library called for assistance as a result of female threatening them. The female was identified as Forcep Birkle, 49 years of age of Redding, by security. Birkle was previously arrested on 05/23/2017 by officers of the Redding Police Department. During that incident she was nude, bathing in the fountains in front of City Hall. She then took the American flag down and destroyed it before entering City Hall and breaking a window out. Birkle is on felony probation as a result of these actions. Birkle is not allowed to be at City Hall or the Public Library as a result of her previous actions.

Birkle returned to the Public Library today and was told to leave by security. She became angry at the staff and began threatening Security Officer Michael Wilson. Birkle believed Wilson was of Mexican heritage and threatened to beat up Wilson. Birkle spit on Wilson and began punching at him. Wilson sprayed Birkle with mace to stop her attack. She then decided to leave. Birkle continued to make racial slurs and threatened to return and kill Wilson.

Officers located Birkle behind the Public Library and subsequently arrested her for making criminal threats based upon the perceived ethnicity of Wilson, making terrorist threats, battery, and felony probation violation.

Redding Police Department

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