City Council to consider appointing Barry Tippin as City Manager

Barry Tippin

The City Council retained William Avery & Associates to conduct a comprehensive recruitment for a new City Manager on February 7, 2017. During the recruitment process, the City Council focused on the candidate who could best accomplish a proactive change for the community in the following four areas: 1) Reducing crime and increasing public safety; 2) Restructuring City government for the 21st century 3) Reducing the City of Redding’s unfunded liabilities; and 4) Enhancing economic growth through public/private collaboration.

Throughout the process of searching for the City of Redding’s new City Manager, it became clear to the City Council that breaking through the status quo is of primary concern to our community. In order to accomplish this goal, the City of Redding needs a City Manager who understands our City government and is prepared to lead our community in a new direction. Our new City Manager will need to be willing to take calculated risks, innovate, and partner with the community to reach our potential as a city.

After an extensive interview process, the City Council determined that Barry Tippin would be best suited to lead our city in achieving these top priorities. Over the next several months the City Council will work with our new City Manager to come up with clearly defined expectations and goals for the betterment of our community.

The City Council will consider appointing Barry Tippin as the City of Redding’s City Manager at a special meeting to be held immediately prior to the City Council’s next regular meeting on June 6, 2017. If appointed, it is anticipated that Mr. Tippin’s annual salary will be $210,000.

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