Continued Public Safety Closures Due to High Water Levels from the Sacramento River


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The current U.S. Bureau of Reclamation water release plan is to begin incrementally increasing river flow beginning this afternoon Feb 21. By Wed afternoon Feb 22, river flows are expected to be between 64,000-75,000 cfs with the possibility of increasing to 79,000 cfs based on real-time conditions. Current conditions show water coming into Shasta Lake at a rate of 94,000 cfs, therefore, river flow increases are necessary to create adequate water storage in Shasta Lake as quickly as possible. Over the course of the next several weeks river flow will be fluctuating and is likely to cause flooding in some areas. It is imperative that the public is aware the river flows may increase without notice due to weather conditions and inflow from tributaries and mountain runoff. Every effort will be made to keep the public apprised of any changes.

The California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) website has additional information regarding releases from all California Reservoirs. The Keswick Reservoir link includes historical and current release data and can be located at https://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/queryRES?kes .

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is working with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Redding Police Department, Anderson Police Department, California Highway Patrol, Redding Fire Department, Anderson Fire Department, CALFIRE, City Managers and Officials. This is to ensure that the public is kept informed and updated as the situation develops.

Homeowners whose properties are adjacent to the Sacramento River should take precautionary measures such as moving personal property to higher ground and/or sandbagging. Citizens need to watch potential rising river levels and have a plan to evacuate areas as the situation dictates. Several local businesses and homes have already been affected particularly in the Park Marina Drive area.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens the dangers of attempting to cross through roadways that have high standing water. It is easy to underestimate the force, depth, and power of the water. Vehicles can quickly become unstable in moving water. Experts agree that if you fall into only 6 inches of water that is moving at only 6 mph it is unlikely that you will be able to stand up again.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to express the seriousness of the current flooding and remind all citizens to not attempt to by-pass road closures via vehicle or foot. There are several road closures throughout Shasta County and the Cities of Redding and Anderson. Please remain clear of these closures. Rising water has also impacted the Sacramento River trail systems. Please use extreme caution in these areas.

We recognize that the 2017 flooding is a historical event, however, public safety is priority. Citizens are asked to use caution and remain at safe distances from flood areas when taking photographs. Water is rising rapidly in some areas and within only a few minutes water is covering roadways where only moments before it was not. Parents are urged to keep their children away from water lines as they can quickly increase with fast flowing water without notice.


With Shasta Dam releases fluctuating up to 79,000 cfs, the Sacramento River will remain closed to recreational use and boating. This closure is necessary due to the dangerous conditions created by the high river flows, debris and for public safety. This closure is pursuant to Section 409.5 of the California Penal Code and does not apply to any lakes in Shasta County.

People should use common sense and avoid using the river and its tributaries until the flows return to normal, at which time this order will be rescinded. High releases have caused localized flooding in many areas, as well as road closures throughout the county. The closure will be lifted as soon as it is safe. The intent of this order is to avoid the unnecessary risk to the recreational river user/boater and rescue personnel. Any violation of this order will be subject to citation or arrest.


If the Bureau of Reclamation determines that further increases are necessary beyond 79,000 cfs additional residents and businesses may be affected and the community notification system will be launched. All landline businesses and residents will be notified via phone call. If you do not have a landline and you are a wireless or VoIP (Internet Phone) subscriber you must register to receive these notifications. To register please go online to www.shascom911.com and scroll down to the Code Red link. Click on the link and follow the directions.

The California Department of Water Resources has a 24/7 Joint Flood Operations Center. For more information please visit their website http://www.water.ca.gov/floodmgmt/hafoo/fob/focs/

or you may call 916-574-2619 for flood forecasts and additional warnings to the public.

You may call 211 for public information if you have any questions.

For Animal Evacuations please call 530-245-6065.

If you have an emergency please contact SHASCOM at 530-245-6540 or 911.

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