Ways to Bring Your Life Into Sync

Would you love to attract more synchronicities into your life? Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences, a term created by Dr. Carl Jung for his private practice.

I happen to call this magic because it feels as if the stars are aligning in your favor. Have you ever thought of a friend and then they call or you run into them at the store? Have you had the experience of pulling into a full parking lot and getting a parking space just as someone is pulling out?

Synchronicities are nature’s way of sending us messages about our reality that exists around us and sometimes even helps us to put our lives back on track or in sync. What most people do not know is that we can increase these experiences by simply raising our consciousness. My personal experiences with synchronicities has seemed to increase as I gain more knowledge and I choose to consciously be more present in my day to day life.

Recently I borrowed my brother’s truck to pick a friend up at the airport. It was the first time driving my brother’s vehicle and it just happened to be in a terrible rain storm. As I was getting closer to the airport I noticed the gas was low, but where was the gas light? I called my brother to inquire about this alarming situation. He let me know that his gas light was broken and when the needle hit red it was out. I immediately looked down and the needle was on red. I had one of those “oh shit” moments where I knew I would be stranded if I did not get to a gas station soon. Just as I got off the phone with my brother the truck began to sputter and shake. I had to pull to the side of the freeway because I was out of gas. I got out of the truck and began to walk in the rain, pulling my coat over my head trying to stay as dry as possible. As I walked I began to think about my safety. Then I asked myself a simple question, “Isn’t there anyone on this freeway even a little concerned that a woman is walking in the rain on a major freeway?”

Truck in rain

This question seemed to sync up the series of events to come. Not even five minutes after I had that thought a maroon truck with large wheels pulled over in front of me. A well-dressed gentleman stepped out of the truck and informed me he was on his way to a meeting, but that his grandfather would roll over in his grave if he left a women stranded on the side of the road. I was in shock, but I managed to quickly ask for a ride to the gas station. When we arrived at the gas station he bought 2 gas cans, filled them up and insisted on taking me back to my vehicle. On the ride back he informed me if it was his wife on the side of the road he would hope that someone would extend the same generosity and not leave her stranded. As he emptied the gas cans into my tank he did something that completely blew me away, he handed me $40 dollars and said to go back to the gas station to fill the rest of the tank. I told him I could not except his money, but he insisted. Where did this man come from and did my question spark this miraculous answer from the Universe?

The Universe wants to bring these gifts of synchronicity into our lives. They are messenger from our reality around us and they restore faith and hope. I have found when I am more in sync and in flow with the world around me, I tend to have more of these magical experiences. A few ways to practice increasing Synchronicities:

  • Be open to receiving
  • Let go of fear
  • Have compassion for others
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Love More
  • Meditate
  • Set intentions and do some yoga

Misty Green

Misty Green is a modern day Mystic that is in love with the natural and spiritual Worlds. She has traveled to many places around the World to experience sacred ceremony and found a deep Heart connection with the people of the Andes’ and Himalayas. Her passion for sharing sound, yoga and meditation with others and being able to express her true self in her work brought her to this path of teaching. Misty's ultimate goal is to help students and clients find a pathway to their own inner MaGicK while having lots of fun. Misty has certifications in Sound Healing, Yoga, Ascended Numerology, Advanced Massage, Ayurvedic Clinical Specialist, Ayurvedic Rituals for Women Through the Lifespan & Astrology. To find out more or make an appointment with Misty you can visit her website at Agelessyogis.com or email her at m@agelessyogis.com.

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