City Manager Kurt Starman Announces Retirement

Kurt Starman, Redding City Manager

Kurt Starman, Redding City Manager

City Manager Kurt Starman announced today that he intends to retire this spring. His last day as the City Manager of the City of Redding will be May 19, 2017.

Starman has served as the City Manager of the City of Redding since May 2006. Prior to being appointed City Manager in 2006, he served as the City of Redding’s Assistant City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and Director of Administrative Services. He also served as the Executive Director of the Redding Redevelopment Agency, the Executive Director of the Redding Housing Authority, and the Executive Officer of the Redding Area Bus Authority for much of that time. Starman started his career with the City of Redding in November 1991 as the City of Redding’s Budget Services Officer.

“Redding is wonderful community with a bright future,” said Starman. “It has been my honor to be able to serve our community over the past 25 years. Redding is well-positioned for the future. Redding is fortunate to have a very capable City Council, an outstanding Leadership Team, and excellent City employees who really care about the community,” Starman said. “I know that the future of Redding is in very good hands,” he said.

“It was met with great sadness as I learned of Kurt’s retirement plans, but I wish Kurt and his family nothing but the best as they begin this next chapter of their lives,” said Mayor Brent Weaver. “Kurt is an outstanding City Manager who loves this community. I credit Kurt’s leadership and incredible intellect for guiding our City through the great recession when many other communities struggled during this time. I will miss his strong leadership, humility, and attention to detail,” Weaver said.

The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Redding. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves at the City Council’s pleasure. The City Council will discuss the process that it will utilize to select the City of Redding’s next City Manager at its regular meeting on February 7, 2017.

Starman is 52. He plans to travel and spend time with his family this spring and summer. He then plans to return to graduate school this fall to complete a Juris Doctor degree. Starman previously earned a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California; a Master of Arts degree in Economics from California State University, Sacramento; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.

-from press release
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5 Responses

  1. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    What a fine gentleman, always ready to meet everyone in the community with joy and sincerity.  Never someone who was above himself, just an ordinary but supremely smart person. Yes, Redding is fortunate to have Kurt Starman and other recent great City Manager’s. Let’s keep up our City in great hands, can’t wait to see who the next person is to lead us into the next 20 years.  Good luck on your next quest in life.

  2. Avatar Richard Christoph says:

    Terri and I learned the news of Mr. Starman’s retirement with shock and dismay. His management skill has kept our city solvent during the past financially difficult decade, and we often marvel at remarkable amount of data he is able to  articulately contribute when called upon  during City Council meetings.   He has been consistently polite,  civil,  and accessible to the public  even when being verbally attacked by some of those he has ably served.

    Best wishes to Mr. Starman and his family for a happy, healthy, and productive future. He will be very much missed.


  3. Avatar Russell K. Hunt says:

    Oh please he was a disaster. Retiring at 52 or seeing how fast he can  escape  the drowning of the City of Redding in red ink. What kind of manager does not factor in retirement costs to their budget. PERS is a bunch of political hacks and their wild guesses were easy to see as incorrect but instead everyone gets raises and in debts the City even further. He danced around the homeless  and crime problems because trails are more important. Utility rates went up, development stopped, unemployment skyrocketed. Success ? First order of business  is to stop funding Turkey Bay with $750,000 of so called tourist expenses. The money goes to a sobering center. You take the homeless off the streets . Put them on BLM lands with tents and sleeping bags. Have volunteer groups bring them food, water and clothes. Move Courtrooms  one and two into the Sheriff’s building and expand the jail into those courtrooms as originally  PLANNED . Sports leagues pay the full price of using city ball fields.  Sell surplus lands not on the river. Civic groups who want cops for their events, should pay for them. Not us. Turn the old rec building on Parkview into to a day center for the homeless  to hang in when the  Mission is closed for clean up. Make real decisions and stop padding the payrolls of each department with fake jobs where the money later gets spent on “special” projects. Fire Dept. privatize it. Stop going to medical calls. We have nine ambulances on call, we don’t need to respond unless asked  by the police. Roll back all wages to the level of the private sector.

  4. Avatar Karen C says:

    With all due respect, Mr. Hunt, do you believe you are the person the readers of A News Cafe should be reading an opinion from? 

    • Avatar Virginia says:

      I am thankful that aNewsCafe allows people of diverse opinions to write.  What a sad World it would be with only one opinion allowed.