Week of Jan. 8, 2017: How’s Your Winter Weather?


As always, this space is for us to discuss whatever we wish. But here in Redding, while we were expecting a storm with possible flooding, the snow was a surprise. What's the winter weather like where you are? Has it effected you and your plans?

Here's to a warm, dry and safe week.

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15 Responses

  1. A. Jacoby says:

    I so loved waking up to snow. It makes everything (even garbage cans) beautiful. . . . but according to Kris Kuiper, the snow was due to a pocket of cold air stalled over the north state and he predicted that by Sat. afternoon the warm, moist air from the tropics would scour it out and the snow would be no more . . . with snow levels climbing to 7 – 8000 feet. YIIIIKES!!! Can you spell FLOODING???? This is when I’m glad I live on a hill!

  2. Beverly Stafford says:

    We, too, are glad we live up the hill from the river.  Here in Eastern County, temps were near 0° for a couple of days, and we’ve had a dump of snow, Alaska-style.  My wonderful neighbor plowed our long driveway a couple of times, but today, the temps have risen, and it’s been raining.  Sloppy?  Oh my!  But even so, we still have about 18″ of snow.  Tough walking, none too fun driving.  I’ve decided against my planned trip to Redding tomorrow because of expected flooding on 299E.  I hope all this wonderful precipitation raises the level of the lake and makes for a green Spring.  Stay warm and dry.

  3. I hope you all saw the city of Redding press release (thank you, Barbara, for the speedy posting) that predicts 60-mph winds tonight and tomorrow in the Redding area. Be safe!

  4. I like running in the rain – but wind? Hate it.  Saw a couple of downed trees on my morning run and spent the next three miles wondering which of these gorgeous, majestic oak trees was planning to kill me. 🙂   Not today, evil trees!

    • There’s a huge valley oak over my house, with a couple of massive branches poised over my bedroom. My hope is that if a branch falls, it will mean I’ll get a second story on my house, not end of the story for me. 🙂

  5. Subject change. Third-world problem: Trying to find a message someone sent, but being unable to remember whether it was via private Facebook message, or text or email. Dang!

  6. Rod says:

    Just a quick question.  Will ANC be reporting on the Benno trial scheduled for 2/7/17?



  7. Beverly Stafford says:

    New thread:  yesterday and this morning, I walked in the mall since I was in Redding and don’t have my treadmill here.  There are lots of changes since my last time in the mall, most noticeably the size of the food court.  I think the name should be changed to a food alley since there are only three food places now:  Japanese, Chinese, and a Subway.  Before there remodel, there were several food offerings:  doughnuts, Mexican, Orange Julius, ice cream, along with the three remaining places.  When I walked there sometime back, a group of older friends were always there having coffee and sweet rolls.  Now I guess they have to bring their own beverages and nibbles if they want to meet there.

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