Sheriff Releases Suspect Photos in Homicide

On Wednesday, 12/21/16, at approximately 07:00 P.M., deputies from the Burney Station arrived at the Rocky Ledge Shell Station in Johnson Park for a reported structure fire. Once on scene emergency personnel located a subject with severe burns. The victim was provided emergency medical treatment and then transported by air ambulance. The victim subsequently succumbed to his injuries. The victim in this incident has been identified as David Wicks and next of kin has been notified. Wicks was an employee at the store.

Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit and Deputies from the Burney Station have actively investigated the incident through the night. Surveillance video has been reviewed of the incident and the video shows a horrific chain of events.

In the video an unknown suspect is seen entering the Rocky Ledge Shell convenience store. The unknown subject starts to spray an unknown type flammable liquid and it is believed Wicks was doused with the fluid at this time. 

There is no motive at this time as to why the suspect targeted Wicks. The video shows the suspect leaving on a black colored bicycle, westbound from the store. The suspect has not been identified and the suspect’s description is limited due to the suspect concealing his/her identity.

The Sheriff’s Office has provided two photos for the public to review. The first photograph shows the suspect inside the store and the second photo is of the bicycle located in the area after the incident took place. Anyone who saw the suspect before or after, or has seen someone in the area recently riding a bicycle similar to the one in the photograph, is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135 or email

The Major Crimes Unit will be in the Burney area today continuing with the investigation.



-from press release
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6 Responses

  1. K. Beck says:

    Unfortunately I am voting to keep these types of  horrendous Press Releases. Someone might know the person because they have seen this “outfit” before, or the bike. But I stand by my comment about publishing something REALLY positive to counter-balance!

    • Well, K. Beck, yes, this is a particularly graphic press release (and Barbara edited it, so we spared you some of the more gory details). But the thing is, in this case, LE needs the public’s help to find whoever committed this crime. As a media site, I consider this a public service and community safety issue.

      Life is a balance of good and bad news, and that’s reflected in what we post. A News will never be an “all-positive” media site, because I believe in reporting the silver linings, plus the dark underbellies.

      You’ll love tomorrow’s lede story. I promise.

    • Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

      Trust me – I ran this press release by Doni before publishing. As originally written, it was pretty awful. Someone out there knows the person who did this and by publishing the photos, they may be caught.

      I hope to get something better to publish soon.

  2. cody says:

    According to the local birdcage-liner, they found the raingear and the bike the guy used.  Hopefully they can maybe get some fingerprints and/or DNA evidence from it.  I hope they find the perpetrator very soon.  That was an awful, brutal murder.

    That guy should be tarred and feathered before they take him to prison (assuming it was a guy?).  The people in the old days knew what they were doing with the tar & feather punishment.  I would not mind seeing that practice revived these days, as certain individuals definitely deserve it…

  3. Beverly Stafford says:

    Yes it’s a horrific story with graphic details, but all of it has been on local television news; so you shouldn’t feel as though you are subjecting your readers to anything that isn’t already out there.  This type of senseless brutality brings out my inner vigilante.

  4. Karen C says:

    I feel that this person definitely had a motive…I hope the Sheriff can get to the bottom of it fast and make an arrest.

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