Icy Temperatures Prompt Safety Reminders

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With temperatures forecast to drop to below freezing tonight, Redding residents are reminded to take precautions to avoid injuries or property damage resulting from the cold.

The National Weather Service (NWS) predicts nighttime temperatures below freezing tonight and Wednesday morning. Residents should ensure pipes and outdoor water lines are protected if exposed to cold weather. In extreme cold, residents should disconnect hoses and cover outdoor faucets and pipes, or allow them to trickle slightly to prevent freezing.

Homeowners also should turn automatic landscape sprinklers to the “off” or “rain” setting until temperatures warm up to prevent water from freezing on sidewalks. Likewise, commercial property owners and landscapers are urged to turn off landscape sprinklers, especially those near public sidewalks, to prevent slippery conditions. Should pipes freeze, homeowners should not try to thaw them out with a torch or other open flame. A hair dryer or other warm air can be used after shutting off the main water supply to the house.

The Redding Fire Department urges residents to ensure portable space heaters have adequate clearance of at least 36 inches from combustibles, are equipped with an automatic shutoff and are plugged directly into an outlet. Do not use barbecues or unapproved kerosene heaters inside the home. Paper products should not be burned in a fireplace or wood stove, and chimney and vents should be clean and inspected. Place cooled ashes from wood-burning appliances in a covered metal container and place container at least 10 feet from the home or any nearby structure. Use lanterns or flashlights instead of candles. Homeowners are also urged to make sure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are tested and working.

Extensive information on emergency preparedness, including winter weather safety, is available on the Redding Fire Department website at www.reddingfire.org

-from press release
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