Wet and Wetter Next Week – Several Inches of Rain in the North Valley

   When I came to the Redding weather office in the mid1970’s the meteorologist who trained me and who had worked in Northern California for 25 years used to say,…”Extremes follow extremes.” A strong high pressure area has dominated our… Continue Reading

THURSDAY UPDATE – From Coats to Cut-offs: Cold Today and Tonight; 70 Degrees by the Weekend

The cold winter storm that has brought rain and snow to our area is now moving eastward.   The Redding area could see a few light showers until the early afternoon, but skies will be clearing after dark.  Snow levels Wednesday night… Continue Reading

UPDATE – More Rain, Snow Wednesday and Early Thursday; Snow Levels 500 to 1000 Feet

WEDNESDAY — The first storm went through the area last night with gusty winds and rain.  Snow levels dropped to near 1500 feet in some areas Tuesday night.  There are two weaker storm systems that will move through our area today… Continue Reading


Winter Storm Moving into Northern California, Low Snow Levels through Thursday

A cold winter storm is moving onto the Northern California coast and It looks like we will finally get some much needed snow in the mountains. Clouds increased  with precipitation spreading across the north state Tuesday afternoon and evening. Gusty south… Continue Reading


A Historical Explanation of Redding’s Multiple Climates

Redding has a long history of temperature and precipitation records dating back to 1875. However, the observation site has been moved several times. Because the precipitation and minimum temperature can vary dramatically over the area, it is hard to compare… Continue Reading


Just Sayin’: Redding is Juuust Right

Redding is juuust right. That may be so, but I’m supposing I ought to define “just right” – for what. In my not-so-humble opinion (the one that, along with two or three bucks, will buy you a cup of coffee)… Continue Reading


THURSDAY UPDATE – Old Forecaster: Wet Weather Through the Weekend

Updated Thursday a.m., January 19 — The cold air is still trapped in the valley from Redding northward and snow levels this morning north of Redding continue near the 1,000 foot elevation. Redding is currently in the upper 30s with calm… Continue Reading