Serial Auto Burglar Caught in Downtown Redding

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On 11/2/16 at 1624 hours, Officers with the Redding Police Neighborhood Police Unit conducted a patrol check of the Ponderosa Hotel. The NPU is designed to take a proactive approach to policing as opposed to a reactive approach. Officer Maxwell observed a known probationer entering the parking lot of the hotel and immediately recognized the individual from pictures and a video circulating on social media of a suspected auto burglar. The NPU officers detained Michael Jacob Griggs, 19 years old, of Redding.

Upon questioning, Griggs admitted to the vehicle burglary captured on video. Griggs admitted to being a heroin addict who supports his 50 dollar a day habit by stealing from vehicles in the downtown area. Griggs also possessed identification cards which were later determined to come from an unreported theft from a vehicle downtown. Griggs identified locations of vehicles he broke into over the past several weeks. He estimated he was responsible for 25 to 30 thefts from vehicles in the month of October. Many of these thefts were found to be unreported. Griggs disclosed that in each theft, he observed valuable property in plain view. Griggs said on most occasions, he stole from vehicles that were left unlocked. NPU officers were able to tie Griggs to numerous vehicle burglaries reported in the downtown area.

Griggs stated he would take the stolen property and exchange it for heroin within 30 minutes of committing the theft. NPU officers followed evidence which indicated stolen property may be at the Americana Hotel. NPU officers went to the Americana Hotel, room #50 and made contact with the occupants. These individuals were smoking methamphetamine in the hotel room when officers arrived. Many of these subjects were known to officers as they were the same subjects NPU would frequently contact at the now closed Redding Inn. Evidence of ongoing methamphetamine and heroin use in the room was discovered. All five subjects were arrested on drug related charges under Redding Police Case #16-78775.

Michael Griggs was booked into Shasta County Jail for violation of probation and burglary.

To prevent being victimized, the Redding Police Department wants to remind citizens to lock and remove valuable items from their vehicles. Officers from the NPU will continue to proactively police high crime areas in efforts to prevent the further victimization of Redding’s citizens. If you are a victim of theft, you are encouraged to make a report online at the Redding Police web page or by calling the Redding Police Department at 225-4564.

Redding Police Department

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