First Indication of West Nile Virus Activity in Shasta County


The first indication of West Nile virus (WNv) for 2016 has been reported in Shasta County in a positive mosquito sample collected in Anderson, CA. “Although we have received much needed precipitation this winter and spring, we have been concerned with the impact the increased water will have on our mosquito season and WNv cases. The warmer weather suggests that this will not be the last incidence of WNv in our District boundaries. It is important that everyone take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from mosquito bites; it only takes one,” stated Peter Bonkrude, District Manager of the Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District. In addition the District is asking that residents eliminate any potential mosquito sources on their property to help in the reduction of adult mosquitoes.

West Nile virus continues to exhibit levels statewide that are as high as previous years, with early positive WNv indicators throughout California counties. Due to this increase in WNv transmission, the District has augmented surveillance and treatment of larval and adult mosquitoes in the affected areas.

SMVCD staff urges residents to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites; reducing activity during the peak mosquito feeding times at dawn and dusk, wearing effective insect repellent, and staying behind screened windows and doors whenever possible.

The Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District advises the public to implement the 4 Ds of protection:

Drain any standing water that may produce mosquitoes, this includes flower pots, old tires, and buckets. Some species of mosquitoes can lay their eggs in very small sources of water, like a bottle cap.

Defend yourself and your home by using an effective insect repellent and dressing protectively when outside and making sure screens on doors and windows are in good condition. –

Dusk or Dawn avoid outside activities

Dress in long sleeves and pants when mosquitoes are active.

For more information about SMVCD’s services, West Nile virus or new emerging mosquito borne diseases like Zika virus, contact the Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control District at (530) 365-3768 or visit

2016 Shasta County West Nile virus activity: 0 dead birds, 0 sentinel chickens, 1 mosquito samples, and 0 humans tested positive for West Nile virus. California West Nile virus activity: 426 dead birds, 12 sentinel chickens, 607 mosquito samples, and 0 humans tested positive for West Nile virus.

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