Nursing Scholarship Recipients Selected in Memory of Chris Lawley, RN

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Mercy Foundation North and St. Elizabeth Community Hospital have selected Emily Gallagher as the recipient of the 2016 Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students. She is the daughter of Kevin and Rebecca Gallagher of Red Bluff and is currently enrolled in her second year at University of Irvine in the Nursing Science major. Emily is interested in Pediatrics or Medical/Surgical Department with the possibility of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

The Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship for Nursing Students was established in memory of Chris Lawley, R.N., longtime employee of St. Elizabeth Community Hospital. The first scholarship was awarded in 2011. A goal of the program is to support nursing students as they complete their education with the hope that they will pursue their nursing career in Tehama County at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital or another health care facility. Additional gifts from the community to this fund are welcomed by making a donation to: Mercy Foundation North, Attention: The Chris Lawley Memorial Scholarship, 2550 Sister Mary Columba Drive, Red Bluff, CA 96080.

-from press release
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