Beware of hazards in upcoming rain, winds


City of Redding residents are advised to use caution and prepare for gusty winds and significant rainfall that is forecast tonight through Saturday (January 23).

Winds with gusts up to 30 miles per hour are forecast, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS also is warning of significant rain in two waves, the first coming tonight and Friday with the second on Friday night and Saturday. As much as 2 inches of precipitation could be recorded. Redding Police, Fire, and Utility crews will be on alert to respond to storm-caused hazards, helping residents as quickly as possible.

Should flooding occur, Redding residents can fill sandbags at Redding Fire Station No. 4 on South Bonnyview Road and on Viking Way just north of Big League Dreams near the City Corporation Yard. Sand is available, but residents must bring their own bags and shovels and fill bags themselves.

High winds and soggy ground can cause trees and/or branches to fall, possibly breaking power lines and disrupting electricity service. The Redding Fire Department warns residents to stay clear of any fallen power lines, as well as fences, trees or other objects that could be touching the lines and transmit dangerous current. To report downed lines, call Redding Electric Utility at 245-7000.

Should power go out, the Redding Fire Department also urges residents to ensure space heaters have adequate clearance of at least 36 inches from combustibles and to not use barbecues, generators or unapproved kerosene heaters inside the home. Paper products should not be burned in a fireplace or wood stove and if power goes out, use lanterns or flashlights instead of candles. Homeowners are also urged to make sure smoke alarm batteries are fresh.

Motorists also should be alert for streets that might flood suddenly and avoid driving through them. Shallow-looking puddles can be deeper than they appear, causing a car to stall and endangering the driver. Motorists should be extra vigilant during unpredictable weather. Sudden showers can leave roads slippery with rain or hail, causing dangerous conditions.

City crews have been proactive, checking “hot spots” for possible clogging of storm drains, which can overflow and cause flooding. Residents are reminded not to rake leaves into gutters where they can flow into, and clog, storm drains. Residents who see City storm-drain openings that are clogged with leaves or debris can call the City Storm Drain Utility at 224-6068 at any hour.

Here are other safety tips to follow during the upcoming storm:

  • Use portable generators outside – never inside a house or garage. They can produce dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, which are odorless and invisible.
  • Never connect a generator to household circuitry. Doing so can endanger utility crews who might work on nearby lines.
  • Avoid using barbecues or similar stoves indoors. Only portable heaters designed for in-house use should be used inside a house. Such appliances will be labeled for indoor use.
  • Power outages can cause traffic signals to go out. Motorists should treat any intersection without signal lights as a four-way stop.

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