Call the Midwife Season 4 Episode 6: An Unwed Mother, Stolen Hubcaps, a Gypsy Camp and a Square Dance

Sister Mary Cynthia studies her bible, and the gets ready for the day, putting on her habit. In the hallway, she runs into Sister Julienne, who helps her arrange her wimple. Sister Julienne then goes to wake up Sister Monica Joan, who has some sort of infection and needs Julienne to give her her antibiotics.

Downstairs, Nurse Crane is giving out the day's assignments. Timmy Turner comes in to get the insulin his father needs for his practice. Trixie observes that they seem to be treating a lot of diabetics recently.

Crane goes outside to get in her car and finds that her hubcaps have been stolen. She tells Peter Noakes, who is standing nearby. He tells her that there's been a spate of theft since a gypsy camp moved in nearby. He promises to look into it.

Crane visits the Roland house, where she is teaching Paulette, a teenage diabetic, how to inject her own insulin. She tests Paulette, and finds that her blood sugar levels are fine.

Peter Noakes goes to the gypsy camp with another officer looking for the missing hubcaps. He doesn't find them, and one of the leaders tells him it wasn't one of their kids. While they are there, they observe a young woman with a baby.

At the community hall, Patsy is putting up a poster advertising a square dance. The purpose is to raise money for the local children to attend an event in Norfolk. Delia Busby finds her there and the two talk for a little while. Delia takes some posters to put up in the Nurse's Home. Sister Evangelina enters, interrupting them, going on about a baby she's seen outside. Patsy welcomes her back.

Evangelina goes into the clinic to be welcomed by Shelagh and Julienne. Barbara comes in with a child who's pushed a piece of lego up her nose. Crane and Evangelina argue about how best to treat it.

At the Roland's, Paulette watches her mother leave, and then goes outside to meet her boyfriend, Von. Von tells her that his probation officer has arranged a job interview for him, and that he's forever done with his criminal past.

At dinner, Evangelina doesn't care for the food Crane has prepared. Noakes tells Crane that there have been no developments in her theft case, but that he saw a baby in the camp, and since the mother seems very young, she might need a visit. He tells them that whomever they send should not go alone.

On the street, Von sees a bunch of kids playing with Crane's hubcaps. One of the kids is his little brother. Von takes the hubcaps away from them.

That night, Fred is leading the civil defense corps on a walk around Poplar. They are joined by Violet, the proprietor of the ribbon shop from last episode. Fred leans down to tie his shoe, and the lace breaks. Violet tells him to come to the shop and she'll get him fixed up with some stronger laces.

Cynthia and Trixie visit the gypsy camp, looking for the young mother. A woman, whose name is Attrecta, meets them and tells them that they can't enter without an invitation. They tell her what they want and she informs them that she's the aunt of the young woman, and that she delivers all the babies in the camp. No help is needed. While they are talking, the young woman, Rita, comes to the window and says she would like the see Trixie and Cynthia. They all go inside and when Attrecta takes off her coat they see that she is very pregnant.

In Trixie and Patsy's room at Nonnatus House, the nurses are talking about the big dance coming up. Nurse Can comes in to buy tickets and when she leaves, the girls laugh. Crane hears them in the hallway. She seems hurt, but she puts on a brave face.

The next day, Crane returns to the Roland's. Paulette and her mother are arguing, and Paulette gets sick. Crane tends to her and takes a urine sample, which she takes to Doc Turner to perform a pregnancy test.

Fred visits Violet's ribbon shop to buy the new shoelaces. While he is there he asks her to go to the square dance with him. She agrees.

Cynthia returns to the gypsy camp. She visits Attrecta and Rita, and meets Attrecta's grandmother, Peggy, who helped raise her and who is in poor health. She can't quite manage to get the old woman to drink. She's so unsteady she spills most of her tea. Cynthia asks Attrecta if she wants a doctor to come visit, but she says that's not necessary.

Back at Nonnatus House, the phone rings and Evangelina and Crane argue over who gets to answer it. Evangelina wins, but it's Doc Turner who wants to talk to Crane. He delivers the news that Paulette Roland is pregnant.

At the Roland's, Doc and Crane break the news to Paulette and her mother. Because of her diabetes, this pregnancy could kill her, and they recommend that she terminate the pregnancy, but she doesn't want to. Mrs. Roland is angry at Paulette, and tells her that she won't let her get married to her boyfriend, the criminal.

Paulette runs out and finds Von, tells him the news. She says she won't let them take their baby from her.

Cynthia returns to the camp with a gift, a special pot with a drinking handle that will help Peggy be able to take her tea. Cynthia listens to Attrecta's baby and finds that everything seems fine. This will be her 11th child, and Cynthia offers her the chance to give birth in the maternity home. Attrecta says she'll be fine.

At the Roland's, Crane and the mother are coming up with a plan. They'll send Paulette to the hospital to terminate the pregnancy. Von and Paulette arrive, saying they are going to get married, and that they will keep the baby, despite the risk to Paulette's life.

That night, Von goes to Nonnatus House to return Crane's hubcaps. As he puts them on her car, he tells her that despite his past, he is determined to turn his life around and take good care of Paulette. He doesn't want his baby born out of wedlock. Crane decides that Mrs. Roland should give him and chance, and tells him that she herself was born out of wedlock, so she can see where he's coming from.

The next morning, Crane takes Paulette to the hospital. She's under 21, so the decision about the pregnancy will not be hers to make, but her mother's. They want to transfer her to London, where and expert will terminate her pregnancy, and the procedure should be performed soon.

Cynthia returns to the camp to find the men there fighting with the police. The camp has been evicted. Cynthia goes to check on Attrecta and finds that she's in labor. Attrecta agrees to let Cynthia help her.

Von visits Paulette in the hospital and finds her packing to leave. She says she's running away to save her baby and she'll go whether Von goes with her or not. He agrees to go with her.

As Cynthia gets Attrecta to her wagon to give birth, she has to lead her through the men fighting. Cynthia lays down the law. There will be no eviction until Cynthia says it’s safe for Peggy and Attrecta.

Von and Paulette have made it to the woods, since there are no buses coming until morning. Von is trying to get Paulette to his aunt's house where they will be able to get help. They settle down to spend the night in the woods. Meanwhile, Mrs. Roland arrives at the hospital to find Paulette gone.

Back at the camp, Attrecta gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Peggy gets herself out of bed to walk to Attrecta's cabin. She becomes the first person to hold the baby. The next morning, Cynthia returns to the camp to find out Peggy has died.

In Poplar, everyone is getting ready for the squaredance. Crane tells the nurses to call her Phyllis for the evening, and shares that she is waiting for news about Paulette, whom everyone has been looking for.

In the woods, Paulette is not doing well. Her blood sugar is dangerously low, and she passes out. Von steals a car from a nearby house and takes her back into the city.

Everyone is at the dance when Von and Paulette arrive at the clinic. Evangelina is there, and she sends Von into the dance to get Crane and Doc Turner. They get Paulette stabilized.

At the dance, Delia Busby tells Patsy that she really wants to dance with her. Both know it can never happen, not where and when they are.

The police come to the clinic and find the car Von stole. They arrest him and lock him up. For his one phone call, he calls Nurse Crane, who says he did the right thing and that she'll speak up for him.

At the hospital, Mrs. Roland is getting Paulette ready for the procedure. Paulette seems willing to go through with it now. Mrs. Roland admits that she might have been wrong about Von. She says medicine is making progress all the time and perhaps later she and Von can have a baby.

Cynthia returns to the camp to find it has moved on. Rita is there, packing up, and gives Cynthia a gift from Attrecta, a piece of china from the only set she had.

Call the Midwife airs Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. on KIXE Channel 9.


Chad Grayson has been a gas station attendant, sold video games over the phone, and even was the person who cuts the mold off the cheese in the cheese factory, but spent most of his career as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher. He is now a full-time stay at home dad and writer. You can find him on twitter at @chadgrayson and on his blog at

Chad Grayson
Chad Grayson has been a gas station attendant, sold video games over the phone, and even was the person who cuts the mold off the cheese in the cheese factory, but spent most of his career as a middle school Language Arts and History teacher. He is now a full-time stay at home dad and writer. You can find him on twitter at @chadgrayson and on his blog at
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