Transient Camp Clean-Up in 2400 Block of West Street

For several years, a private property parcel of open land in the 2400 block of West St. has become a haven for transient camps. The open land is surrounded by businesses and homes on Court St., Sonoma St., and Rosaline Ave. Neighbors have regularly complained of the increase in crime associated with those living in the illegal camps and going in and out of the property. The Redding Code Enforcement Team began posting illegal transient camps at the location in January 2015 and citing people found illegally camping there. The team found years of trash and debris in huge piles on the property.

 The Code Enforcement Team found the owners were an elderly couple who do not live in Shasta County and did not have the financial means to readily clean-up the property. The Code Enforcement Team worked with their daughter, Rebecca McLemore (who is managing the owners’ affairs), to facilitate a clean-up of the property.

 The Good News Rescue Mission volunteered to help organize the clean-up. The clean-up is scheduled for this Saturday, April 11, at 9:00 a.m. The volunteer labor force will consist of clients and staff from the Good News Rescue Mission, students from the Simpson University Strike Teams (a student group designed to serve the community in practical ways), and possibly members of Take Back Redding. Nick Bundy, a local clean-up contractor, will supply the necessary equipment for the clean-up. Matt Rivas, of the Good News Rescue Mission, will coordinate the clean-up operation. The entry to the clean-up operation will be at the north end of West St., off of Rosaline Ave.

– Press Release

Press Release

-from press release

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