Would-be Redding Rat Patrol Is Yet Another Cautionary Tale

If you’re going to go poking your nose around in a homeless camp in the dead of the night, it’s probably a good idea to bring a gun. That doesn’t negate the fact that poking your nose around in a… Continue Reading


Two Bikers Down in Redding: A Cautionary Tale on the Use and Abuse of Social Media

There’s no question Redding is a city on the edge. Deteriorating public safety has created a powder keg of citizen resentment toward the city’s leadership that’s just waiting for the slightest spark to touch it off. This resentment plays out… Continue Reading


Redding City Council Recall is a Cry For Help, But Who’s Listening?

Ladies and gentlemen, what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate on so many levels, my head is spinning. As just about everybody in Shasta County knows by now, there was a pretty damned intense Redding City Council meeting… Continue Reading


Citizen Groups Meet in Library Park With a Message for Vagrants: This is Our Park, Too

About 10 people — members of Facebook groups Take Back Redding and Shasta Support Services, most who had never met in person – gathered for a meet-and- greet lunch in Library Park noon Wednesday.

The group traded stories and debated the best ways to address the growing homeless situation in their city. Continue Reading