Clean-Up of Transient Camps on Hemsted Drive River Front

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One of the areas along the Sacramento River shoreline most affected by transient camps has been on the river front property below Hemsted Drive, north of the Cypress Street Bridge. The property is owned by Shasta Enterprises. The City of Redding Code Enforcement Team has worked with Dave Cretaro, property manager for Shasta Enterprises, to facilitate a clean-up of the extensive transient camps, debris, and dump sites. Many of the camps and dump sites were easily viewed by people boating on the river. The Code Enforcement Team tagged numerous camps over the past month and issued numerous illegal camping citations at the location.

 Shasta Enterprises hired a clean-up contractor, Easy Clean-Ups, to conduct the clean-up. They completed the first phase of the clean-up in early January 2015 and removed six tons of trash and debris. They conducted the second phase of the clean-up this week and removed three tons of trash and debris. The Code Enforcement Team will continue to patrol the property.

– Press Release

-from press release
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7 Responses

  1. Avatar Kay Rice says:

    Thank you to the code enforcement team!!! I pick up the homeless debris downriver past Cypress bridge. Last week I picked up a needle ‘sharps’ that was looking well used:( Never before in my 60+years on the Sac has that happened! Get ‘r done!

    9 tons of trash! Sheesh!

    Has code enforcement been to the frisbee park on Henderson lately? Tons of homeless around there!

  2. Happy to learn of the clean up. We need a long term solution. The homeless continue to move from one site to another. I wonder about the amount of residential trash picked up weekly by the city of Redding as a comparison to the amounts gleaned from the illegal campsites. The amount if known would serve as a reference point.

  3. Avatar Richard C. says:

    The minority of homeless that break into vacant buildings, steal and abandon shopping carts, defecate and urinate on private and public property, and leave tons of their trash for others to clean up, reflect poorly on the majority of homeless who wish to improve their lives and would welcome a hand up. Perhaps homeless advocates and charities could impress on those they seek to help, that disrespecting the rights of others does nothing to elicit support for their cause.

  4. Avatar Barbara N. says:

    The Edgewater Disc Golf Course is patrolled on a regular basis. There are not tons of homeless people there anymore. Yes, an occasional occupant, but if they overstay their visit, they are told to leave. Thanks to all the police, city and volunteers who keep this a nice area to walk your dog, play some disc golf, or just enjoy the sights. A lot of homeless just want to be treated with some dignity and be left alone…yes it is a two way street. Don’t trash the areas you try to make your homes. The druggies taking over the parks, that is a different story and I have no use for that. It is a dilemma all the way around, but the police are doing the best they can. The bottom line is camping is illegal in the city limits, unless in a designated camping area. All the signs in the world won’t change people looking for an easy spot to stay, close to town and the water. I’m not saying it is right, but as I have the chance to walk amongst some of these people…I often think…but for the grace and just walk a mile in their shoes.

  5. Avatar KarenC says:

    What good does it do, except to take up someones time, to cite a homeless transient? Nothing is done to follow-up and it becomes a well known joke. The officers call it a cat and mouse game. The bottom line is that the City of Redding has a city code which states, “no camping inside the city of Redding”. It has gotten out of hand and now there is a huge, daunting mess to clean up.

    Thanks for the work on the latest clean-ups, they are very much appreciated.

  6. Avatar Former Magnolia Neighborhood Resident says:

    Come on, RPD, Use the “G” word and tell us about the Gangs in Redding.
    Strolling around the neighborhood………looking at corners, of buildings, bridges, overpasses, stoplights, signs, guardrails, etc. Gang graffiti. Same as the stuff visible in the gang controlled, high-crime areas of Sacramento, Stockton, and other prison-parolee population areas…….
    Drugs=Crime, especially theft, burglary, etc.
    So, what do the good citizens do….call the police?, hire private security?, stop being a victim and move elsewhere? stay put & resist? kick the gangs to the curb, or what?

  7. Avatar K. Beck says:

    I believe this is the area behind the vacated Raley’s grocery store??? If so, how about Shasta Enterprises putting a line of dumpsters out for regular city pick up? Would certainly cost less than doing these horrendous clean ups every few months. Maybe if the homeless had a “sanctioned” place to put their garbage they would use it? I don’t know, but it seems like something to try for 6 months or so to see what happens.