Celebrate the Fall Season at Whiskeytown’s 4th Annual Harvest Festival

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and the Friends of Whiskeytown invite visitors to join us for the 4th Annual Harvest Festival on September 20, 2014, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the park’s Tower House Historic District.  This fun and family-friendly event will feature apple tasting, an apple-themed bake-off contest, games for all ages, and tours of the historic Camden House and orchards.

New this year, the festival will feature information on historic diets and cooking. Recipes from the Camden family will be highlighted, as well as historic cooking demonstrations and tastings. Local experts will be on hand to discuss diets of the early pioneers and present techniques of natural food preparation and preservation.

Several varieties of apples will be available for tasting, all of which are heirloom cultivars, planted in the mid and late 19th century by local pioneers.  These cultivars were grown organically and possess unique characteristics that are not found in modern apple varieties.

The bake-off will be judged by a local panel that include representatives from the culinary industry. Prizes will be awarded to those with the best tasting creations. Please include the recipe for your dish, as it will be compiled into a harvest-themed cookbook featuring historic Whiskeytown recipes from the journals of early settlers.

Visitors can park in the Tower House Historic District parking lot, located approximately 7 ½ miles west of the Whiskeytown visitor center on Highway 299W, and follow the footpath to the Camden House where the festivities will be held.  For more information, please contact Jeffrey Gerbic at (530) 242-3421.  For more information about Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, please call or stop by the visitor center, or visit the park website at  www.nps.gov/whis

Harvest Festival  Schedule (10am to 3pm)*

10-3 All Day Activities:

• Apple Tasting: Try several different varieties of heirloom apples from the Camden House Orchards
• Children’s Apple Games
• Apple Poetry

10:00  Camden House Tour: Visit the historic Camden House and learn what it was like to grow up in Whiskeytown during the Gold Rush Years

10:30  Walk-in-Time Orchard Tour: From the Wintu to the Gold Rush to the establishment of the National Recreation Area. Great opportunity to hear the history of the landscape and the orchards.

11:00  Camden House Tour

11:00 Orchard Restoration Tour: Take a tour, and learn about the fascinating world of historic fruit tree varieties.

11:30 Walk-in-Time Orchards Tour

11:30 Deadline for Bake-Off entries

12:00 Bake Off Judging

12:30 Bake- Off Results

1:00  Camden House Tour

1:00 Orchard Restoration Tour

2:00 Walk-in-Time Orchards Tour

2:00 Camden House Tour

3:00 Festival Ends

*  Event Schedule subject to change.  For the current schedule check the park website at  http://www.nps.gov/whis  or refer to the schedule provided at the event.

-from press release

Press Release

-from press release

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