Carjacking Suspects Arrested, Still Sought

On July 7, 2014 at 3:18 a.m., Redding Police Officers responded to the Walmart in Anderson regarding a carjacking that occurred in the City of Redding. The victim was identified as Margarito Santos, 38 years old, of Chico, CA.

Santos came to Redding to meet in person with a female he met via Facebook. Upon meeting with the female at a residence in the 1600 block of Willis Street, Santos was confronted by several people, armed with a stun gun and screwdriver. These individuals ordered Santos to empty his pockets. Santos attempted to flee the robbery and was struck with a stun gun. Santos then complied with their demands to avoid injury.

The suspects proceeded to take Santos belongings including his truck and ATM card. Santos was then forced to provide his PIN number. Over the course of four hours, Santos was held against his will by armed suspects as co-conspirators used his truck and ATM card at several locations. The suspects also videotaped him as he was held captive. Santos was also forcibly taken to a local hotel and ultimately the Walmart in Anderson where he was able to escape.

During the ensuing investigation, Redding Police Investigators were able to identify the suspects as Kayla Tanner, 20 years, Krystal Kerby, 24 years, Tyler Woods, 21 years, Zachary Parker, 21 years, Karissa Freeman, 21years, Michael Bradley, 38 years and Lynette Demello, 30 years, all of Redding.

As Investigators began making arrests and conducting interviews regarding this incident, they discovered two additional victims of similar style robberies. Both of these Hispanic males were also lured to locations in Redding via Facebook contacts. These victims were identified as Carlos Linares, 33 years of Shasta Lake City and Timothy Valdez, 36 years of Redding. Due to the fact all three victims appeared to be targeted for being Hispanic and the fact some of the suspects made statements regarding white power and white pride, these robberies are considered hate crimes.

At this time, the following suspects have been arrested for multiple charges in this string of Facebook robberies: Kayla Tanner, 20 years, Krystal Kerby, 24 years, Tyler Woods, 21 years, Zachary Parker, 21 years, and Michael Bradley, 38 years.

Suspect Lynette Demello, 30 years of Redding, and Karissa Freeman, 21 years of Redding are still outstanding. Anyone with information regarding these robberies or the whereabouts of Lynette Demello or Karissa Freeman is encouraged to call the Redding Police Department Investigations Division at (530) 225-4214.

Kayla Tanner

Krystal Kerby

Tyler Woods

Zachary Parker

Michael Bradley

Lynelle Demello

– Press Release

Press Release

-from press release

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