Mayor Invites Survey Firm Officials to Visit Redding

Mayor Rick Bosetti today extended a friendly invitation to the heads of Gallup and Healthways, which recently ranked Redding low for overall well-being: Come see for yourself.

In a letter sent to the chief executive offices of Gallup and Healthways, Mayor Bosetti invited each to personally “see how a city that ranks 187th” is Number 1 in the eyes of its residents.” He said the national survey, which interviewed just 484 out of 180,000 Shasta County residents, doesn’t present an accurate portrayal of Redding, which has received acclaim in other areas for its quality of life.

“If you … truly want to see the people and lives behind your statistics and methodology, please come visit us,” the Mayor concluded in his letter.

-from press release

-from press release
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4 Responses

  1. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Glad Rick invited those people. I don’t think the poll was very meaningful. We do have problems, but so do all cities; that doesn’t mean we are that low on that so called “bad” list. Some people will never be satisfied. Redding has many good qualities. We do like to keep some of the small town qualities, and that is definitely not bad!

  2. Avatar Grammy says:

    Keep them away from the Pine Street/Market Street intersection. Plus the Hilltop/Cyprus Intersection. North Market Street, it could be so beautiful with something besides an old trailer park across from our beautiful Caldwell park. Empty dirt acres with a sporadic palm tree. Could be SO much more than what it is, the north road into Redding from the freeway.
    Show them Placer Street to Gas Point and the Veteran’s Cemetery. Something the North State should be very proud of. Whiskeytown, Shasta Lake or the many ponds that sprinkle the country side and help make it beautiful.
    Keep away from the many hotels that are full of homeless, Cyprus Street to Hilltop 11:30-5:00 when the homeless are out begging.
    One thing that would push the North State over the top would be bike, walk or running paths on our many country roads. So many bikes on the Placer Rd, Cloverdale Road, Clearcreek, Gas Point Roads yet there is no where for them to bike safely. Most are down right scary dangerous. Yet turn a corner on the sharp curves on Placer Rd and you will see bikes out for a country ride. Can’t blame them, the ride is beautiful.
    On Placer Street in town there are many people that walk for recreation. Hospital workers, office workers out on their lunch hour, yet Placer Street going past Mary Lake area has no sidewalks. The space is there for concrete.but are over grown with weeds.
    We should push our North State as the recreational healthy capital of the state. We have the numbers of people that want to get out there to bike, walk or run yet are restricted to the many several walking trails around the city. The many marathons in the area pull people from all over the US here.
    Add to that draw to the NS Cool April Nites. Wow what a great show.
    We rely on the McConnell foundation for to many of the things that make the NS great. If we didn’t have them we would be….Bakersfield?
    I love the North State and can not imagine living anywhere else but I’m not blind.

  3. Avatar Joanne Lobeski-Snyder says:

    Polls seem fairly meaningless to me unless the numbers of people polled reflects a decent proportion. Grammy, you should be writing the book of “Redding Today.” Good things and not so good things and spectacular things. Even from neighborhood to neighborhood residence lives are different. Major Bosetti did a fine thing. Redding would be ready for the “dog and pony show” that could change the minds of pollsters.

  4. Valerie Ing Valerie Ing says:

    Grammy made a good point…we rely on the McConnell foundation for doing so much to make Redding a better place. It’s a good thing its board of directors still seem interested in doing, because they sure have suffered a serious amount of flack for their good deeds. The foundation can (and IS increasingly) spending its money generously improving other places in the world instead of Redding. So I think its important to be conscious of their good efforts and support them as much as we can.