One of County’s Most Wanted Found at Win-River Casino

On Sat., Feb. 8 at approximately 9:40 a.m., deputies with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office received a tip regarding the whereabouts of one of Shasta County’s most wanted subjects.

Deputies were informed that Glenn Richard Horner was currently inside the Win-River Casino, playing slots. After receiving this information, Deputies went to the casino to see if Horner was still in the casino. After an extensive search of prior contacts was conducted by the SHASCOM dispatcher, a vehicle that Horner was affiliated with was located in the parking lot.

A deputy watched the vehicle until it started to leave the parking lot. As the vehicle left the parking lot of Win-River, it turned onto northbound Hwy. 273. When Deputies attempted to pull the vehicle over, it attempted to evade them by driving recklessly across three lanes of traffic, through a red light and onto Westside Road. Deputies quickly surrounded the vehicle causing it to stop.

Due to Horner’s violent history the deputies conducted a felony car stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was later identified as Horner, five other adults were located inside the vehicle with him.

The two male subjects in the vehicle were later identified as Robert Tophan and Jason Belzer. Tophan and Belzer both had warrants for their arrest and were taken into custody, the four females were detained until they were identified then released.

Horner had three warrants out of Shasta County totaling $300,000.00, Tophan had a warrant out of Yuba County for $50,000.00 and Belzer had three warrants out of Shasta County totaling $35,000.00.

Inside the vehicle deputies located a double barreled black powder pistol, ammunition, marijuana and methamphetamine. Also located in the vehicle were multiple syringes, methamphetamine pipes, plastic small bags, several sets of scales and pay/owe sheets indicating the selling of illegal drugs.

Deputies located several power tools and miscellaneous clothing that still had the tags attached to them. While deputies believe these items were stolen, they were unable to locate anything identifying when or where they had been stolen from. The three subjects were taken to Shasta County Jail and booked for their warrants.

From Shasta County Sheriff Department press release

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