Government Shutdown Forces Closure of Lassen Volcanic National Park

Manzanita Lake at Lassen Volcanic National Park, photo by Joe Domke

Mineral, CA – Because of the shutdown of the federal government caused by the lapse in appropriations, the National Park Service (NPS) has closed all 401 national parks, including Lassen Volcanic National Park.  All visitor facilities including Kohm Yah-mah-nee visitor center, Loomis museum, Drakesbad guest ranch, Manzanita Lake cabins, campgrounds and roads – including Lassen National Park Highway thru the park– are closed.  The park will remain closed until the government reopens.

Park Superintendent Darlene M. Koontz stated that park visitors in all overnight campgrounds and lodges will be given until 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 3 to make travel arrangements and leave the park. In addition, all park programs and special events have been canceled, including: school group programs, youth camping programs, and ranger-led talks at Kohm Yah-mah nee Visitor Center.

Lassen Volcanic National Park hosts 1,100 visitors on average each day in October; nationally, more than 715,000 visitors a day frequent the National Park System. The park will lose an estimated $1,600  of entrance and camping fees each day of the shutdown and the park concessioner will lose an estimated $125,000 in revenue. Nationwide the NPS stands to lose approximately $450,000 per day in lost revenue from fees collected at entry stations and fees paid for in-park activities such as cave tours, boat rides and camping. Gateway communities across the country see about $76 million per day in total sales from visitor spending that is lost during a government shutdown. Visitors spend about $15,807,000 a year in the communities around Lassen Volcanic National Park.

In Lassen Volcanic National Park, 115 employees are on furlough because of the shutdown and another 25 concessions employees are similarly affected.  A limited number of employees remain on duty, providing security and emergency services.

Nationwide the shutdown has also furloughed more than 20,000 National Park Service employees; approximately 3,000 employees remain on duty to ensure essential health, safety, and security functions at parks and facilities. About 12,000 park concessions employees are also affected.

Because it will not be maintained, the National Park Service website will be down for the duration of the shutdown. has more than 750,000 pages and 91 million unique visitors each year.

For updates on the shutdown, please visit

About the National Park Service. National Park Service employees care for America’s 401 national parks and work with communities across the nation to help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities.

-from press release

-from press release
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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Magnolia Neighborhoo says:

    This government shutdown is more than an inconvenience……….government workers are losing pay……….there'll be more foreclosures…….not to mention natural resource vandalism and theft. Thanks to Congress, the looting has started!! Vote 'em out!!! They're unwilling to do their job! Lassen National Park is losing serious revenue!

  2. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Yes, too many people are affected by this inept Congress!

  3. Avatar John says:

    Is Hwy 89 closed also or do they have traffic control place….LOL

  4. Avatar c says:

    I coudl be wrong, but there used to be a time at the end of the season when the roads in the park were open, but all the concessions, campgrounds were shut down. You could still drive thru and day hike. This was before snow hit, obviously, but after the summer/fall tourist season. You did not have to pay to get in.

    It appears now that the whole road is closed?

  5. Avatar Paul says:

    The feds seem to be trying to make this as bad as possible. If the attitude of government was to do as much as possible with limited resources instead of building bureaucracies to campaign for more money, we'd still be able to use the parks and the budgets would be easier to manage.

  6. Avatar Eric says:

    It's true. 89 is closed. More infuriating: There is no warning athe junction with 49East – so we had wasted 14 mles, then had to retrace 14 miles then take a 50 mile detour. As infuriating again. There are obnoxious notices on the gate threatening with prosecution if you drive on. (for simply driving on a US highway??? – and how you would with the gates locked I'm not sure) This is NOTHING to do with lack of resource. They had to actively go do something to close the gates. Doing nothing and leaving them open (at NO cost obviously) would have let everyone carry on. – But , no. They had to spend money closing the gates and posting notices purely to play politics and make sure everyone was hurt as much as possible. WHY Obama has ordered this unnecessary pain on his own fellow citizens to play these games I find pretty objectionable – especially when you consider that as president he is effectively the chairman with the major responsibility of ensuring house/senate reaches AN agreement.individual policies are almost irrelevant. HIS job is to ensure that all sies reach SOME agreement, or he is not fit for office.

    • Avatar c says:

      Agreed – they took out the dock at the launch ramp at Lake Davis, which probably required at least 4 or more people to do. It is a free, open to the public ramp, there is no ranger or guard shack – it cost more to inconvenience people than it would have to just leave it alone.

      Our country is beginning to resemble the CCCP. I realize there is more than enough blame to go around, but ultmately Obama is in charge, and at some point this will come back on him.

  7. Avatar Hunter T. Thompson says:

    Drown it in the bathtub