Sam Allen’s email to Mayor Rick Bosetti: ‘Homeless on the streets in Redding’

Subject: Homeless on the streets in Redding
Date: June 28, 2013 4:04:32 PM PDT
Hello Mayor Bosetti.
My name is Sam Allen and I have been a resident in Redding for about thirty years. I  opened a women’s clothing store called CAROUSEL in Redding over a year ago on the corner of Calif. and Division. I knew going into that location would be risky , but took the chance  and kicked off really well for the first year.
I had the opportunity to move in May to the Lorenz Hotel downtown at 1555 Yuba St. and jumped at the beautiful historical building.
I am settled in and love my store front except for the many transients that choose to “hang out” along the benches and drink, make drug deals, use the city outlets to recharge their phones that were provided for them, fight and throw their garbage with no accountability.
As I was leaving for home I had to pass around a woman with her pants down, laying across the sidewalk.  I witnessed two fights, a drug deal and numerous passing of the pipe all in one day.
These are no longer random behaviors but daily occurrences. Does our city have any plans in place to change the climate of our downtown?
When my customers have to ask me to watch and make sure they get to their cars, that is a serious problem. When I have to wash my front door off because of the urine, that’s a health problem. When the elderly lady who lives upstairs tells me she has to stay in her room because she is frightened to sit on the benches in front of her residence, that is a problem. When I have to pay a homeless person to pick up garbage in front of my store, that is a problem.
How many problems do we accumulate until we become proactive and reclaim our city from these transients who have nothing invested to lose? I have empathy for their plight in life but not at the expense of the citizens who try to make a city that we can be proud of and feel safe in.
I invite you to visit my store. I will give you a cup of coffee and invite you to witness what I see every day. Please, I would be willing to help come up with solutions that would give the homeless some self respect. What can I do to help?
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely Sam Allen
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3 Responses

  1. Avatar `AJacoby says:

    WHAT CAN WE (NOTICE I SAID WE, NOT YOU, NOT HIM, NOT THEY) DO? We're talking about it, but that's only the very first baby step.

  2. Avatar Daryl and Penny says:

    Great letter, Sam. Positive and non-judge mental. I hope at least one of our city council members takes you up on your offer of a cup of coffee and a window view of one of our streets.

    Thanks for speaking up.


  3. Avatar Liv Thompson says:

    I feel deeply for your plight. Our center was located on Cal.St. for 6yrs. I was so happy with the building at first.My husband and family owned a flourishing clothing store in downtown for 80 yrs, hey I thought I could hold my own as well. Well between Taco bell, rehab center and psychiatric suffering people wondering in for various made up reasons there was no way I could conduct a 9-5pm retail business… I did Meditation and classes at night people were too afraid to come out at night. I took the hit, money wise and left before I defaulted on everything,now in an area much more suited for what we do and pleased. Still Love the downtown so much but what will become of the businesses there? I really feel for them in the areas that are pin pointed areas for loitering and other acts of well who knows… Something should help but who knows, we have a big problem with homeless, drugs and Alcohol~ We had no problem stopping the tolling around or cruising ! I will support whatever you need. My solution was to move I hope there is more.