Reading Fire Update

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Photo by Matthew Henderson.

On Sunday, the Reading Fire held within all lines on the fire located in portions of the Lassen Volcanic National Park and Lassen National Forest.

The lightning-caused fire started July 23 and has consumed 27,887 acres, including 16,970 National Park Service acres, 10,838 U.S. Forest Service acres and 79 acres of  privately owned land.

The Reading Fire is 51 percent contained, and is expected to be fully contained by Tuesday. Fire fighting resources include 13 hand crews, 56 engines and 4 helicopters. There has been one injury, and zero structures destroyed. The estimated cost to fight the fire is approximately $13,204,631. More than 800 personnel have been assigned to the Reading Fire.

Firefighters continue to hold, patrol and mop up. Fire lines were completed on the eastern part of the fire. Along the southern and eastern flanks helicopters were used to extinguish hot spots and support crews.

Crews will continue repairing the Pacific Crest Trail and other areas impacted by fire suppression. Minimum impact suppression techniques are being performed within the park. Crews are prepared for initial fire attack in Lassen Volcanic National Park and are available for structure protection. Snag removal will continue on the Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway.

Firefighters’ objectives are to keep the fire within its current perimeter. The addition of increased winds and lower relative humidity may impact fire behavior and crews will be responding to any spot fires.

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Photos by Matthew Henderson.

Smoke and firefighting operations on nearby fires may present driving hazards. Vehicles are cautioned to drive slowly where visibility is low, and be cautious around emergency vehicles.

A red flag warning is in effect for Monday afternoon and evening due to high winds and low relative humidity.

Many local, county, state and federal agencies are working together to provide a coordinated response to the fire. Smoke will continue

to pose health concerns for the public. Residents are encouraged to visit the “Protect Yourself from Smoke” website for smoke protection information.

Butte Lake and Crags campgrounds are closed. Visitors are encouraged to contact Lassen Volcanic National Park prior to visiting for current conditions. Visitors wanting to access Lassen National Volcanic Park from the north, can drive the Lassen Volcanic National Park Highway from the north entrance to

Manzanita Lake.

Visitors may access the park from the south entrance. The road is open to Summit Lake. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead for current information. Many of the park’s most popular trails remain open.

From Lassen Volcanic Park press release.

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