Annular Solar Eclipse at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area this Sunday, May 20

In preparation for the anticipated annular solar eclipse, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area will offer a special “early-bird” presentation that will provide participants with a better understanding of this once in a lifetime event.  This special presentation by NPS Sky Ranger Robert Gutierrez will begin at 2 pm in the Whiskeytown Environmental School cafeteria and will last approximately 45 minutes. The presentation will provide visitors with demonstrations and models about how the annular eclipse happens, how it differs from total eclipse, and why Whiskeytown NRA is one of the few ideal locations in America to witness this celestial alignment. “We want to invite everyone to join us for this historic Shasta County event since this natural phenomenon occurs only once at a single location on earth every four centuries,” stated Gutierrez.

After the presentation, visitors can then meet at the Brandy Creek Beach Lot B for an assortment of celestial activities starting at 4 pm.  Visitors will learn how to safety view the solar eclipse through a variety of techniques and how to use their regular camera to capture this special occasion. “During the solar eclipse you can be under any tree canopy and using any camera to take photos of an amazing array of eclipse shadows and thus share your experience with someone who may not have this unique opportunity,” concluded Gutierrez.

Participants at Brandy Creek will be able to experience the solar eclipse by using the special solar glasses provided by the Friends of Whiskeytown (donations will be accepted).  In addition, members of the Shasta Astronomy Club will also be on hand to share their personal solar telescopes with visitors so everyone can safely view the eclipse up close and personal.  Visitors are reminded to follow the instructions given by the telescope operators and to be extra careful when using these expensive telescopes to ensure that each viewing is done safely and without any harm to the telescopes.

Visitors are also welcome to join the Shasta Astronomy Club after the solar eclipse for a special star party to view the stars as the day turns into night. Visitors should bring water and sun protection for the daytime events, and extra clothing for the star party.

Call 530-242-3454 for more information.

-from press release

Press Release

-from press release

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