Shasta College Student Essay: Samantha Magaña – A Bleak Future

(Editor’s note: This is a Shasta College student essay, submitted for extra class credit as a letter to the editor.)

As we all know, California is currently in the midst of a recession. This recession has forced funding cuts upon schools, work forces, and many other local programs. These enormous cuts amount to roughly 12.5 billion dollars in cuts while funds get shuffled around and divided up amongst local governments (Sabalow). Clearly, these immense cuts are bound to negatively affect Shasta County’s schools however; I believe that despite the recession, the government should not diminish school funding, since today’s students will help determine tomorrow’s future. These budget cuts will force students to suffer through increased class sizes and higher tuition rates. Instead of taking money from education, the government could cut funding from unnecessary road work.

Budget cuts throughout Shasta County are affecting all educational facilities including grammar schools, high schools, and community colleges. At a rally, nearly three hundred people gathered to protest budget cuts being made to Shasta county schools. At this rally, educators discussed how the budget cuts would result in a definite increase in class sizes; classroom sizes were said to increase up to thirty-four students (Winters). I have personally experienced this increase in class sizes and its negative effects at my previous high school. At Foothill High School, I was enrolled in the Calculus class, which was originally taught during two different class periods; however, due to insufficient funds, both periods were combined. My class went from having about 20 students, to having 38 students in one class. This increase of students meant that if everyone came to class, there were not enough seats. This increase also resulted in a different learning environment because the students were not focused. Also, our teacher did not have enough time to help all of us one-on-one. Hoxby, a Harvard student who did a study of the effects of class size on students; confirmed that larger class sizes result in a lack of student progress since teachers do not have enough time to spend with each student. Clearly, if budget cuts cause an increase in class size, student’s grades and futures will suffer.

Not only are grammar schools and high schools feeling the scourge of budget cuts, but community colleges are also being affected. If these extreme budget cuts continue to be made to the educational system in Shasta County then tuition rates at Shasta College will increase. The budget cuts would force Shasta College to raise tuition by $10, making the cost of each class per unit rise from $26 to $36 (Sabalow). This seemingly small increase in money will add up for a student taking 20 units. Shasta College’s Superintendant/ President , Joe Wyse stated that due to the $400 million in cuts to California community colleges, Shasta College funding would be cut approximately $1.5 million dollars, resulting in almost 400,000 dollars being backfilled through increased student fees (Sabalow). Clearly, since school is already expensive, an increase in tuition would prevent some students from pursuing school.

Clearly budget cuts are negatively affecting education; however, I think that we should prevent these changes. We can prevent these changes by diminishing funds from unnecessary roadwork. Some recent unnecessary roadwork was the construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Shasta View and Old Alturas, built from August 19-29, 2011. This addition used roughly 2.24 million dollars of Shasta county’s funds to create. This project was supposed to be finished before school started, but there was a delay due to the work costing almost 300,000 dollars more than what was expected (Mobley). What was the purpose for this roundabout? Nothing. It was completely unnecessary since nothing was wrong with the four way stop that previously occupied the area.

Overall, regardless of the recession in California, education should not suffer. School budgets should not be cut anymore because it would lead to increased class sizes and higher tuition costs. Also, we can reduce budget cuts in schools by reducing money wasted on unnecessary roadwork. After all, if everyone in the community will affect the futures of their fellow citizens; don’t we want to prepare future leaders today?

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Samantha Magaña is currently a Freshmen at Shasta College, hoping to transfer to UC Davis as a Junior.

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Insanity Prevails says:

    Well Samantha, you can thank the two faced liberal democrats who voted Jerry Brown and the like into office who chose to cut the very programs that benefit growth while doing everything imaginable to raise taxes to pay their salaries. The money grab by liberal government will not stop until they have exploited all resources and we end up with a state owned system, which we all know does not mix with freedom and the American way. Rural fire fees, police and fire protection cuts, protections for illegals, school program cuts and a govenor begging for increased taxes add up to more productive folks leaving California and more users of the system coming in, which perpetuates California'a dilema. It's no wonder the politicians are pushing for more and more gun controls. They know they are pushing the populace to the max. I see California as a liberal testing ground for what they want for the nation and if you can see the "progression" I think you will agree that we had better get serious about who we let direct our path.

    • Avatar shirley says:

      well stated. I just hope there are more intelligent, clear thinking people left in CA to get rid of this anti-freedom/American control

    • Avatar Kyle says:

      It should be noted that it is not a liberal government that these people in office are pursuing. It should also be noted that if conservatives were in office, we would be experiencing the same problems: cuts to all programs that benefit the people productively, like education, while they vote to give themselves raises and vacations. This kind of exploitation is devoid of political ideology. This is greed, pure and simple. The greedy are coming to us under many banners, but their intention is the same. Suck the life out of the American people, until they are lifeless, entertainment seeking husks.

      Don't fight with your fellows in this, "liberal" or "conservative", blue or red, we are all being used the same way. These labels just made it easier to take advantage of the whole populace. Good luck to us all, especially if our current generations are those that must fight back.

  2. Avatar Laurie O'Connel says:

    "Insanity prevails" is an appropriate moniker for the above irrational rant. "Liberal" spending isn't the reason we're in this mess: Look at our unbalanced tax code, which lets major corporations off without a penny, and our corporate welfare practices, all eagerly promoted by the GOP "tax the poor" crowd, who are determined to squeeze the last few pennies out of the folks who actually do their work for them — even as they send our jobs and manufacturing industry overseas to squeeze out even more disproportionate profits.

    These heinous business practices alone are enough to sink any state's — or country's — economy. Fortunately, Jerry Brown has the savvy and the guts to make some tough calls and bring us back to solvency and sanity.

  3. The comments reflect the problem. Your title sums up the future reality: BLEAK

    Thanks Samantha, good analysis, get ready, its no longer coming….its here.

  4. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    It's obvious that you researched this problem Samantha, and have some good ideas.

    Some work on logical organization and the mechanics of writing will make you a better writer. This piece needed to be broken into more paragraphs to make it easier on your readers. New theme; new paragraph.

    Education should be a priority in California. Higher education should be available and affordable. Great article.