PechaKucha Night Presentation Spots Open

Q: Who can present a PKN-Redding slide show (Oct 7th)?

A: Anyone with an idea, passion, skill, interest, sense of humor, invention, quirky personality, or story.

Q. What topics have been included in the PKN-Redding presentations so far?

A. PKN-Redding presentation have included such topics as:

  • adopted wild horses
  • cartooning as comment
  • nutty ideas
  • local visual art, music & writing
  • goat personalities
  • real homeless folks
  • ghosts & spirits of Mt. Shasta
  • harebrained Comedy
  • airplane crash retrospective
  • breathtaking photography
  • sled dogs in the Siskiyous
  • philosophy
  • a child’s take on the stars
  • ex-convict musicals
  • a local logging family
  • food around the world
  • children’s books
  • local ecology in action
  • personal stories about overcoming odds
  • behind the scenes with a theater director
  • Redding folk in Africa
  • bird lovers
  • crazy grandmas
  • advertiser tricks

It’s Local
It’s Fun!
Call or write us today with your idea
(530) 244-6640

For more information on Pecha Kucha Night, see Jim Dyar’s article “What in the World is Pecha Kucha?” or visit the official Redding Pecha Kucha website.

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