Nominations Sought for Civil Rights & Social Justice Awards

Shasta County Citizens Against Racism (SCCAR) is seeking nominations for its 22nd annual Civil Rights and Social Justice Awards, which acknowledge Shasta County residents for their commitment for pursing equality for others.

The fight for civil rights and social justice is an often unpopular battle which can sometimes put those fighting for these rights at risk for their personal safety. This principal factor motivates SCCAR to recognize the honorable endeavors of these individuals by holding annual award dinners.

Interested persons and organizations may submit a letter nominating someone who they feel is worthy of this award. Please provide a summary of the person’s works, accomplishments, and why you feel they should be honored. Nominees must be residents of Shasta County. We are asking that you choose someone who has worked on civil rights and social justice for a number of years, and whose work stands as an example of inspiration.

In addition to the main recipient, two other awards will be presented to deserving nominees. One will be presented to a law enforcement officer whose actions reflect the SCCAR mission statement to oppose racism and promote social justice by improving the situation for people of color, children, homeless, poor or others in relatively powerless situations. This award recognizes an officer who has gone beyond the call of duty.

The other award will be the SCCAR Youth Achievement Award, presented to youth who show inspired leadership and overall citizenship.

The closing date for nominations is October 5, 2011. Please send a letter for any of the three awards, which includes your phone number along with the nominee’s complete address and phone number to:

SCCAR Award Dinner
P. O. Box 990586
Redding, CA 96099-0586

Nominations may also be e-mailed to

For information call the SCCAR information line at 245-1160. The dinner will be held November 4, 2011.

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