Yreka’s Siskiyou Golden Fair Begins 5-Day Run Today

What: Siskiyou County Fair
When: August 10 through 14
Where: Siskiyou County Fairgrounds, 1712 Fairlane Rd, Yreka, CA 96097

The Siskiyou County Fair began as an agricultural show in Fort Jones in 1859, moved to Yreka in 1867, became the 10th District Agricultural Association in 1926 and was renamed the Siskiyou Golden Fair in 1952 when a second fair, the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair was created.

Agricultural roots run deep in Siskiyou County and the Siskiyou Golden Fair each August is a chance to showcase our history, heritage and culture. The 2011 Siskiyou Golden Fair, “A Blue Ribbon Affair,” will continue that long tradition.

The fairgrounds are available for activities of all kinds the other 50 weeks per year and serve as a command center for natural disasters, the base for county drive-through health clinics, weddings and family gatherings, auto racing, rodeos, roping and horse shows, birthday parties, community swap meets and the fair-sponsored Sportsmen’s Expo, Holiday Gift Faire, Haunted House and Golden Jackpot Show.

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, August 10:
Everyone’s a Kid Day, sponsored by Siskiyou Telephone: Admission is $2 for everyone.
MINI GAME: Saran Wrap Race, 3 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage: Parent/Child teams will wrap their partners in saran wrap and hop across the finish line!

Thursday, August 11:
Kids Day – sponsored by McDonald’s of Yreka & Weed. Admission for kids 12 & under is FREE.
MINI GAME: Golf Ball Stack Contest: 12pm, PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Stack four golf balls on top of each other.
Funnel Cake Eating Contest: 12pm, PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Who can eat this fair-time favorite the fastest?
MINI GAME: Dice Stack Contest: 1:45 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Be the fastest and stack four dice on a popsicle stick.
Veggie Derby Races (ages 5-12 only): 3 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Build a car out of a vegetable and race it against other contestants.
MINI GAME: Balloon Pop Contest: 3:45 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Try to pop the balloons tied around the ankle of your competitors. The last unpopped balloon wins.

Friday, August 12:
Senior Day, sponsored by Medical Center Pharmacy. Admission for adults 62 and over is FREE.
Plein Air Painting 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., Fine Arts Building. Bring your painting supplies to the fairgrounds and paint a scene from the fair. Exhibits will be judged and displayed in the Fine Arts Building.
Junior Fair Board Karaoke Contest: 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Do you have the nerve to get up and sing in front of your fair friends?

Saturday, August 13:
Farmer & Rancher Day – sponsored by Siskiyou Central Credit Union
Stick Horse Rodeo (ages 5-12 only): 12 p.m., siskiyouyouth.com. Small Show Ring: Kids will compete in different rodeo activities on their stick horse steeds.
Homemade Apple Pie: 2 p.m., Home Arts Building. Bring your best apple pie to this competition and see who’s crowned King or Queen of this fun contest.
Kids Horseshoe Tournament (5-12 years): 4 p.m., siskiyouyouth.com Small Show Ring: Toss horseshoes at the stake to earn points.
Tallest Weed: 4 p.m., Floral Building. Bring your tallest weed (roots and all) – weeds will be measured on height only.

Sunday, August 14:
Family Day – sponsored by KTVL. Admission is FREE for everyone.
Parent/Child Look-A-Like: 12:30 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Do you look just like your Mom or Dad? Come on down and show us!
Homemade Salsa: 1 p.m., Howard Trivelpiece Ag-Hort Building. Bring your best salsa to be judged on taste and appearance.
Diaper Derby: 3 p.m., PremierWest Bank Mall Stage. Babies 18 months and younger are invited to crawl their way to fame in this long standing Siskiyou Golden Fair tradition.
Photography: 4 p.m., Fine Arts Building. Bring down your best photo from the 2011 fair – unframed and unmatted – to be judged against your competitors.

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