‘Govabuse’ Nationwide Protest Planned for Friday

What: Govabuse Nationwide Protest
When: Friday, August 12, 2011
Where: Shasta County Superior Court, 1500 Court St, Redding, CA 96001

Organizers of the protest say “We the People” are no longer tolerating:

  • Unjust Laws
  • Taxpayer dollars (billions) used to separate and financially demolish families.

“We the People” demand reformation of:

  • Our family court systems, including:
  • Assigned Judges (must be abolished)
  • Court Appointed Guardian-ad-litem (must be abolished/severely limited at a minimum)
  • Family courts records must be made public
  • Court gag orders are a violation of 1st Amendment
  • Adoption incentive payments (must be abolished)
  • Every effort must be made for children to stay with grandparents/family members instead of foster care
  • Grandparents/family must have visitation rights without current criminal treatment
  • Families must be given assistance instead of removal of their children. For example, removal due to gas shut-off
  • Parents must be restored freedoms to raise their children
  • Immediate access in all cases for children’s records
  • Option to have a jury, when requested, in family courts

“We the People” demand reformation:

  • We are stripped of our right to elect public servants (judges)
  • Assigned judges cannot be voted out of office as they are ‘assigned’ to hear cases after pretending to retire.
  • They have zero incentive to administer justice or follow law or legal procedures because they cannot be voted out of office after they “retire.” Therefore, we have been stripped of our legal right to elect our judges
  • Assigned judges are “double dipping.” They pretend to “retire” but are assigned to family court cases, collecting approximately $485 per “day” while collecting their retirement pay — all paid by taxpayers
  • Court appointed guardian-ad-litem/advocate for child/lawyer for child
  • Child Protective Services, aka CPS/DHS/DFS/DSS/Foster Care and Adoption Services

-from press release

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-from press release
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  1. Avatar Sparks Jones says:

    We are also having a Nationwide Govabuse Protest here in Sacramento, CA.

    What: Govabuse Nationwide Protest

    When: Friday, August 12, 2011

    Where: Sacramento County Superior Court, William Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse, 3441 Power Inn Road, CA 95826

    Contact: 'Sparks Jones' at casjones@govabuse.org or check a Protest location in your area at http://www.govabuse.org.

  2. FYI: The demonstration begins promptly at 8:00AM:

    The best light and best press opportunities will be between 8:00am and 10:00am…

    You know? The common and easiest notion for most of us is to think that anyone who complains about the Family Law court system must be just a bunch of crybabies because they lost a case, or, they probably had it coming! After all, the court pro and para-pros are held to a much higher standard and must maintain the confidence of its citizens. Family Law attorneys, mediators, child attorneys, court-appointed therapists and clerks and judges would NEVER protract cases or abridge the rules of law or decency. Right?

    What was the common most easiest to grasp notion when complaints about pedophiles in the preisthood started coming out? Well, the Vatican put its full attention, money and mighty worldwide PR-efforts into keeping "it" in the closet. No…. not our priests!

    It worked for a while. But then… more people felt validated and less isolated when a few tiny souls dared to speak out and complain.. When no one else would believe their sad incriminating stories of abuse and coverup… they braved to come out – which caused other tiny souls to come out, too…

    Like the tiny, vulnerable threads of a strong rope, the people: are weaving.

    This demonstration is called "only one of the first tiny threads…"

    For more information on a former court mediator turned whistleblower, visit the brave, Emily Gallop, on Facebook. Unlike many in the Family Law Industry, that to some, seems on a hemorrhagic blood-letting spree of tax-payer dollars, this woman has a moral compass!

    The organizers are encouraging those who fear reprisals and retribution from the court system to come in costume, as one put it, "To protest this Masquerade of Justice."

    Some call it the most important organization in our nation: the family. Some are willing to die for it and some are willing to speak out or support when our families are under threat. I know I'll be there.

    For more info go to blindbulldog.com

  3. Avatar Cindy Mccoy says:

    Does this happen in every state?? I'm from Texas and would like to take a stand with you. I'd there is any letter I can write let me know. I will do it. They don't do what's in the best interest of the child. Only what lines their pockets.

    Please keep me informed & again let me know if there is anyything I can do.

    Thank you

    Cindy Mccoy

    • Avatar Sparks Jones says:

      At Cindy please read this recent article from http://www.texaslawyersforchildren.or?g

      NCJFCJ Has Issued a News Alert Regarding a Nationwide Protest Directed at Family Courts, GAL'S, and Child Protective Services Workers

      The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) has issued a news alert saying that it has learned of a nationwide protest that is planned for this Friday, August 12, by an organization called "govabuse," which is reportedly going to direct its protest against Child Protective Services workers, family court judges, and guardians ad litem. At this time, the protest is planned from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. outside courthouses in at least 42 states around the nation. The group's website identifies 12 Texas counties where protests are planned. To visit the group's website to see the list of Texas protest sites, click here. Current NCJFCJ President, Hon. Patricia Martin, was recently quoted in a Southern Poverty Law Center blog about the protest. Although the protest is billed as nonviolent, TLC wanted you to be aware of the possibility that this may be happening in your county. To learn more and to view the comments of Judge Martin, click here

  4. Let's get justice and true happiness for kids!

  5. Here, HERE, Jeremy!

    I mean… HERE!:

    <iframe width="325" height="273" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/P9OoWRPHs24&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    And HERE!:

    <iframe width="325" height="215" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/0_StCzStBy0&quot; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  6. Avatar shelley says:

    Dumb. Ok take away asigned judges and ur issue can be heard in six months instead of 3. Family law files are public. Juvinile cases are confidential. To protect childrens privacy. Get educated before u post. If parents stopped neglecting children then they would have their kids. Accept responsibility for their failure. Don't blame protecting kids. Idiots.

  7. Avatar Loud & Proud says:

    It just doesn't make sense. Family Court Judges will remove a child from their home under such little circumstances yet return ALL children who have been horribly abused. Children like my son who has been emotionally, physically, sexually abused by his own father and raped for over two years by a teenage cousin (on his father's side)… I've been fighting with every ounce of my LIFE to keep my son safe as our abuser continues the trauma via Family Court. And you know what… they punish me and my son as they continue to IGNORE the continued stalking, threats, texts and more when there is a no communication order in effect for both me and my son. Granted, this order is only until our abuser takes a few simple counseling sessions then he will be given access to our child. Talk about exploitation of children… FAMILY COURT JUDGES LEGALIZE CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE & MORE!!!

    All based on the 'fundamental right' of the abusing parent while in the meantime they continue to neglect me and my son from ALL OUR RIGHTS as human beings!!! Our system makes me ill. I pray to GOD I can find a way to keep my son safe. He already attempted suicide once when the Judge ordered phone communication and now his therapy has been hijacked and moved via judge's orders. My son's health was NEVER even considered as he attempted suicide and diagnosed with PTSD (due to court litigation and fear of his father), Anxiety and put on medication to help him 'tolerate' the court continues to further traumatize my son. I have lost all faith in our judicial system all together, including civil. Talk about a mother and child who feels there is no way out. Our nightmare continues each day as we open our eyes and the sun rises.

  8. Avatar Susie Flores, Parent says:

    I am the Founder of Parental Rights U.S.A. here in San Antonio, Tx. We are in the process of getting involved with The Sunset Advisory Commission which make legislative changes when problems occur with Child Protective Services.

    Child Protective Services is up for review. We are on the Sunset mailing list. If anyone is interested here is the information: Sunset Advisory Commission, Robert E. Johnson Office Bldg., PO BOX 13066, Austin, TX 78711 – tel.#: 512-463-1300 fax: 512-463-0705.

    Our goal is to shut down Child Protective Services because CPS has been "reformed" throughout the years and funding has been allotted for years and our children are still dying and our families are being "butchered." Reform nor Funding have been proven to be a failure!

    The reason CPS keeps our children is because CPS is given $157,000 every three (3) years for every child removed and this money serves as an "incentive" for them!

    In 1984 there were 7,000 children lingering in CPS, now there are over 22,000 children lingering in CPS system! Adoption rate is currently at 50.7!






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