‘Govabuse’ Nationwide Protest Planned for Friday

What: Govabuse Nationwide Protest
When: Friday, August 12, 2011
Where: Shasta County Superior Court, 1500 Court St, Redding, CA 96001

Organizers of the protest say “We the People” are no longer tolerating:

  • Unjust Laws
  • Taxpayer dollars (billions) used to separate and financially demolish families.

“We the People” demand reformation of:

  • Our family court systems, including:
  • Assigned Judges (must be abolished)
  • Court Appointed Guardian-ad-litem (must be abolished/severely limited at a minimum)
  • Family courts records must be made public
  • Court gag orders are a violation of 1st Amendment
  • Adoption incentive payments (must be abolished)
  • Every effort must be made for children to stay with grandparents/family members instead of foster care
  • Grandparents/family must have visitation rights without current criminal treatment
  • Families must be given assistance instead of removal of their children. For example, removal due to gas shut-off
  • Parents must be restored freedoms to raise their children
  • Immediate access in all cases for children’s records
  • Option to have a jury, when requested, in family courts

“We the People” demand reformation:

  • We are stripped of our right to elect public servants (judges)
  • Assigned judges cannot be voted out of office as they are ‘assigned’ to hear cases after pretending to retire.
  • They have zero incentive to administer justice or follow law or legal procedures because they cannot be voted out of office after they “retire.” Therefore, we have been stripped of our legal right to elect our judges
  • Assigned judges are “double dipping.” They pretend to “retire” but are assigned to family court cases, collecting approximately $485 per “day” while collecting their retirement pay — all paid by taxpayers
  • Court appointed guardian-ad-litem/advocate for child/lawyer for child
  • Child Protective Services, aka CPS/DHS/DFS/DSS/Foster Care and Adoption Services

-from press release

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Press Release

-from press release

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