Department of Fish and Game Recalls 1,000 Deer Tags

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is recalling approximately 1,000 duplicate deer tags inadvertently sent out to hunters who participated in this year’s Big Game Draw. Of the nearly 53,000 tags printed and issued by Active Networks on behalf of DFG, approximately two percent were inadvertently printed more than once and sent out in separate mailings, causing hunters to receive one or more duplicate tags. These duplicate tags must be returned to DFG and cannot be used for the take of additional deer.

DFG has a list of duplicate tags by hunter and zone and is contacting those hunters who received them to retrieve the extra tags. DFG warns that use and possession of a duplicate tag is illegal. DFG will fully enforce all statutes and regulations related to use and possession of duplicate tags.

This is the first glitch since the implementation of DFG’s Automated License Data System (ALDS) in September 2010. In fact, a recent survey indicated that hunters were very happy with the ease of the new system. However, the duplicate tag mailing is a significant error caused by Active Network, the vendor contracted to print and mail the licenses. DFG and Active Network are working closely to address this problem and eliminate any risk of this happening in the future.

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience to the California Department of Fish and Game and its valued customers due to errors in a recent mail fulfillment of awarded Big Game tags,” said Denny Bennett, General Manager of the Outdoors Unit, State Government Licensing and Services at Active Network. “We inadvertently mailed duplicate tags to some customers, while others entitled to receive tags may not have received them. We are working with DFG staff to minimize the effects of any possible errors.”

DFG requests that hunters return the duplicate tags and will be contacting hunters who received them by mail. DFG will provide an addressed, postage paid envelope enclosed with the letter. Hunters need only put the additional tags in the envelope and mail it. All returned items will be logged by DFG and reported to the Law Enforcement Division.

To identify duplicates, please check the Document ID located at the top of the tag. Multiple tags with the same Document ID are duplicates.

Active Networks and DFG apologize for any inconvenience caused to our hunters. Conversely, DFG will aggressively pursue hunters who may choose to act illegally as a result of receiving additional Deer Tag Report Cards.

-from press release

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-from press release