Update: Arrest Made in Churn Creek Stabbing

On 07-06-11 at 0158 hrs, officers of the Redding Police Department responded to a call of a stabbing that just occurred in the 3600 block of Churn Creek Rd. The victim, who was later identified as Pao Liam Saechao, Age: 33, of Redding, called to say he was stabbed by an unknown person. He told the dispatcher he was being transported to Shasta Regional Medical Center Emergency Room by family members.

Officers met Pao Saechao at the Shasta Regional Emergency Room, but he provided officers very limited information on what had occurred. He is currently in stable condition and being treated at Shasta Regional Medical Center.

Officers responded to the 3600 block of Churn Creek Rd in an attempt to locate a crime scene or witnesses. Neither were located.

Anyone with information regarding this stabbing is directed to contact Redding Police Investigations at (530)225-4214.

Update (7/8): In the past 36 hours, an ongoing investigation has been being completed by the Redding Police Patrol, Watch 1 officers. Numerous witnesses have been interviewed and the responsible was identified.

On July 7, 2011, the suspect’s information was provided to the Redding Police Investigations Division. At 5:00 PM, Matthew Mark Macias, 20 years of Redding, was located in the city of Anderson and arrested by investigators. Macias was booked at Shasta County Jail for the attempted homicide of Pao Liam Saechao.

Marcias has a prior arrest on 3/01/2010 (under influence of controlled substance).

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