Vote to Restore Democracy Now on KIXE


As some of you know, there has been an ongoing struggle to get Democracy Now (DN) back on KIXE, our local PBS station. The new manager, Phil Smith, has now put it to a vote by the members of KIXE.

This doesn’t consider those who paid to have it aired for years, or those who can’t afford membership. Many viewers don’t receive the newsletter that contains the ballot for members. So, Phil has opened the voting up to new members. Here is where it gets exciting!

Some anonymous members of Citizens for Responsible Government CRG have offered to match the membership contributions of the next 25 members who join and vote to put Democracy Now back on the air. This offer is good until November 2nd, when the voting is over. We have one week to get as much support as we can.

A basic annual membership is $40, or $26 for seniors and students.

Step 1: Join & Vote. There are three ways to join:

1.  Call Lori, KIXE’s Membership Coordinator, at (530) 243-5493.  Tell her you want to join and vote to put Democracy Now back on the air.

2.  Go to the KIXE station at 603 N. Market St. in Redding. Go to the counter and ask to join. After you have joined, ask Lori or Phil to accept your vote for Democracy Now.

3.  Go online to the KIXE Membership Page, click on the “donate” button at the top and fill out the form.  Then e-mail Phil Smith or Lori Hankin and tell them you joined online and want to vote yes to put Democracy Now back on the air.

Step 2: Let CRG Know
We need to know if you voted so we can match your donation and check to see your vote was counted. There are three ways to let us know: 

1.  Send us an e-mail and tell us your first name, and how and when you voted.

2.  Call the CRG hotline, (530) 232-3663, and leave a message telling us your first name and how and when you voted.

3.  Just copy me, crgredding@peaceredding.org, on the e-mail you send to Phil or Lori.

We accomplish two things by doing this: we support Public Television, and we get an important independent voice back on local TV.

Doug Bennett is a retired contractor and construction worker who lives in Redding. He was previously an airborne Russian linguist in Air Force intelligence during the Vietnam War. Since retiring in 2000, Doug has become an advocate for democracy and justice. He is a founding member of the Shasta Tehama Trinity Chapter of the ACLU-NC, and chairperson of Citizens for Responsible Government, a grassroots nonprofit. He also serves on the boards of Sustainable Earth Alliance of Northern California and the Shasta Cascade Farm and Food Coalition. Much of his work is dedicated to community education on sustainability, environmental and social justice issues.

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