From the Dishwashing Station at the Back Sink – No. 3


In an effort to crack-up laughing our very serious “Ted Baxter type” newscaster, Mark Rogers at KVIP Radio and Television, we had to go to extreme measures. The man was very good at delivery and composure.

In the early 60s, Mark did 15-minute newscasts three times a day on both radio and television. He came to Carl McConnell and George Fleharty’s Shasta Broadcasting Co., KVIP TV and radio, with impressive jobs in the past, including a stint with The Mutual Network. He later owned KSDA, which became KQMS, and managed KPON in Anderson, which went south when he programmed classical music.

Mark can be seen in the U.S. Forest Service DVD “Whiskeytown,” which depicts the dedication of the dam and the lake by President John F. Kennedy. He can be seen dodging and weaving and wondering where Kennedy was while staying out of the way of Secret Service trying to protect the president.

Mark used to come into my radio booth every day to deliver the noon local news and was always serious about his delivery.

My playful program director, Gary Daily, thought it very funny to set his news copy on fire to make Mark laugh. When that didn’t work, he then took the newscaster’s shoes and socks off while he read his smoldering copy. Not a grin or a chuckle did Mark make, he just kept reading straight ahead.

Another fellow disc jockey, whom I worked with at KVIP, Fritz Egger, was not as lucky at preventing laughter while reading a serious newscast for a live newscast for a Nevada station in Las Vegas.

The station was inside a casino in a glass cage. Early one morning, before the gamblers arrived, he was doing a serious newscast when a just-coming-on-shift cocktail waitress came to his window and lifted her dress to reveal she had nothing on underneath.

Fritz told me he lost it laughing and had to go to commercials while he composed himself.

Budd Hodges is a retired disc jockey, newsman, talk show host and lives with his wife, Nancy, in Redding.

is a retired disc jockey, newsman, talk show host and lives with his wife, Nancy, in Redding.
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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Bea says:

    Love these columns.

  2. Avatar Gary Tull says:

    Ohh… the good old days of live radio. I especially miss 70s freeform KSAN and KZAP. Love the nostalgic receiver photo (with the blue dial)… brings back lots of warm memories.

    Nice piece, Budd.

  3. Avatar Bob Wallenberg says:

    Budd – I only go back to the early 80's of Redding radio. Were you around when we had the KPAK parties on some Friday afternoons. Davey Tappan, Billy Pilgrim and others hosted with music and 25 cent beer at various locations. A very big down home country western event! Probably this could not be done in our 21st century litigation society?

    • Avatar Budd Hodges says:

      Bob, I was around, but worked for a rival station at the time. I remember Dave and Billy, but was never invited to their partys, darn it. They sound like fun.

  4. Avatar Amy Warner says:

    Wow! This is hilarious! I was just trying to find some info about my grandpa back in the radio days and I come across this… not exactly what I was thinking I was going to find, haha, but I guess I can say that I have another funny familly story to add to my ongoing list! Fritz Egger is my mother's father. Wish I could hear some of his casts!!! Sooooo, my search continues! : ) This was great tho!! Thank you!!!

    • Avatar Judy Egger says:

      Thanks Budd for your call this evening regarding Fritz' passing. Amy, Budd mentioned your blog here to me. It just happened that Budd will be mentioned in the obit in the Record Searchlight this week. They had a good time on the radio together out along Hilltop Dr. (at that time a gravel road). Budd and your grandpa would sit out there with a patio table and umbrella and broadcast live on the street corner right next door to where IHop is now.

      Maybe we can come up with some of the old casts, they would be a hoot!!

  5. Avatar Ed Thacker says:


    Every 15 years or so, we seem to to bump into each other. It is so great to see that you, and Nancy, are still out there and that you are still talking. What great radio you always made and still do. Remember the Board meetings back in the day? We were giving to our community and it continues to live on 30+ years later. That means something. I hope to see you in another 15 or so years. Maybe we better shoot for sooner.

  6. Avatar Brittany Baker says:

    that's kind of funny Budd is my grandpa and I was just browsing his name online and found this!!!

    if you see this grandpa i love you!