Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Saturday to fight violence

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What: Shasta Women’s Refuge’s Third Annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

When: April 10, 10 a.m.

Where: North end of Market Street Promenade, downtown Redding

The international event is a fundraiser and march against rape, sexual assault and gender abuse, where the men literally walk a mile in womens’ high-heeled shoes.

Downtown’s walk will be a figure eight through the Promenade (incidentally, a figure eight through the promenade is one mile) beginning at Tehama Street, and moving on Pine Street, through the Promenade, on California Street, and again through the Promenade. The walk is only the beginning, however.

Following the walk will be a group discussion about sexual violence and abuse, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens. “Rape,” says Christy Hanson, “is not necessarily about sex, but about power.” Also, “sexual abuse is not confined to women, but affects both genders.” This will be a powerful and possibly lifechanging event. Family, friends and sponsors of the walkers are encouraged to come and support their walkers.

For walker donation forms, the Walk a Mile brochure, or just more information about the women’s refuge, visit shastawomensrefuge.org.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar blind bulldog says:

    Our family courts not only ignore domestic sexual assault and domestic violence, but actually villify the survivor and side with the abuser; consequently placing the children with the abuser and facilitating further abuse through the court system; utilizing criminally inclined and/or incompitent lawyers, mediators, therapists and rubberstamp judges. Furthermore the womens refuge and like organizations, are in my opinion, too deeply connected with the local government and stop protecting abuse survivors at the courthouse doors.

    These organizations do not go to the limit to protect abuse and assault survivors, they just go far enough to appear that they are helping the big picture.

    In light of all I have just described, and while the "Walk a Mile" event is the right idea, it is made a mochery of by the local government, organizations and family court.

    In short it is "talking the talk' and not really "walking the walk"

  2. Avatar Janice Powell says:

    I agree with blind bulldog when he says," these organizations do not go to the limit to protect abuse and assault survivors, they just go far enough to appear that they are helping the big picture."

    I certainly hope that they don't invite District Attorney, Jerry Benito to walk this walk again. Mr. Benito promotes violence and he proved that when he did nothing about the violence associated with the death of Adam Martinez. His explanation?

    ""Half the people said, 'I'd punch him, too,'" Benito said, noting that moviegoers still cheer in films when the hero punches someone to defend another. "Unfortunately, that's the culture of the community."

    I hope that the Women's Refuge and other local organizations will try to change the violent culture in our community, rather than just accepting it as the status quo.

    Mr. Benito needs to go!

  3. Avatar Donald says:

    I believe the Womans refuge has good intentions, but I firmly believe it is abused by most. My daughters mother has went there several times to use it's services to take my daughter and everytime she has went there she has told lies to keep my child in there away from me. The only abuse in our family has allways came from the mother to myself and the children. The mother has been arrested for abuse towards us and yet they allow her there on her word and social services has told them that it is the mother that is the abusive one but they try real hard to keep my child from me. The RPD and the child abduction and the courts have done nothin to asist me but they will instead give her custody without even notifying me of the court date to defend in anyway my daughter is 7 yrs old and I was given full custody when she was 1 due to the mothers abuse and the abuse of her older daughter towards all 3 of my children that I also have custody of. I recieved this custody from factual evidence. She was able to recieve a 3yr restraining order and full custody of my daughter and was told by her attorney she could move to another state in the home of her older daughter that is severely abusive and was not suppose to be around her with my daughter. She has no evidence cause there has never been abuse from me to her or the children and my kids have stated that the mother was abusive and there daddy protects them from it. The courts refuse to give me a hearing to present my case and witnesses. I feel that the courts here are wrong and they don't truley care of the safety of our children and our children are in careless hands.