Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Saturday to fight violence


What: Shasta Women’s Refuge’s Third Annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

When: April 10, 10 a.m.

Where: North end of Market Street Promenade, downtown Redding

The international event is a fundraiser and march against rape, sexual assault and gender abuse, where the men literally walk a mile in womens’ high-heeled shoes.

Downtown’s walk will be a figure eight through the Promenade (incidentally, a figure eight through the promenade is one mile) beginning at Tehama Street, and moving on Pine Street, through the Promenade, on California Street, and again through the Promenade. The walk is only the beginning, however.

Following the walk will be a group discussion about sexual violence and abuse, how to prevent it, and what to do if it happens. “Rape,” says Christy Hanson, “is not necessarily about sex, but about power.” Also, “sexual abuse is not confined to women, but affects both genders.” This will be a powerful and possibly lifechanging event. Family, friends and sponsors of the walkers are encouraged to come and support their walkers.

For walker donation forms, the Walk a Mile brochure, or just more information about the women’s refuge, visit shastawomensrefuge.org.

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