Slide Show: A Day in the Park – Yosemite

I had the good fortune to spend a sunny day at Yosemite National Park on Monday, Feb. 15, 2010. The first slide show is of vistas of Yosemite Valley. The second is of the Ahwanee Hotel in Yosemite Valley.

Photos by Bruce Greenberg
Music: Ludwig Von Beethoven, Symphony #3 in E flat major

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar Ginny says:


  2. Avatar Larry says:

    looks like you stayed at the Ahwanee as well…i visited in 2008, and all i got was a coffee thermo…LOVE IT…so classy (even if it is plastic).

  3. Avatar Bruce Greenberg says:

    Actually, I didn’t stay at the Ahwanhee. According to their website, room rates start at $239 per night and go to $1,100. Way too rich for my blood.

    I took some pictures to show an example of what the rooms and public areas of the hotel are like. The rooms are nice but I guess no one told the folks at the Ahwanhee that these are tight times.

    It really is a beautiful hotel. Here’s a link to what Wikipedia says about the history of the Ahwanee Hotel.

    • Avatar Larry says:

      Shucks, I saw the room photos and leaped to a conclusion. How much did you have to bribe the maids to get in the room?
      Yeah, the rates are steep. The close-by cabins are a little closer to our price range, though still up there.
      Hey, do they have Curry Village open yet?

      • Avatar Bruce Greenberg says:

        No bribes to the maids. The staff had no problem with me looking at rooms that were unoccupied.

        The road to Curry Village was open, but I didn't go.

        By the way, I entered the park from the south end, but Mariposa Grove where the giant sequoias are found was closed due to snow.

  4. Avatar Natalie says:

    Thanks for the memories!

    Growing up in Fresno had little to recommend it, however, being so close to Yosemite was an outstanding advantage.

    When I was young, our Girl Scout camping trips were to Yosemite. My dad was a huge fan of Yosemite (or Yo – SEM – eyet as he would jokingly call it) and we would often take a drive to get an ice cream cone at the Bigfoot DriveIn in Oakhurst, then somehow end up at the park. As I got older, we could drive up in about an hour to picnic.

    I loved seeing the view of El Cap and Half Dome as you came around the corner. It always felt like an AHA moment. Bridalveil Falls was always lovely, but best in the spring. We often walked to Nevada Falls, and enjoyed the spray mist, especially when it was warm.

  5. James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

    How lovely! It has been decades since I was there. I must return.

  6. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    Yosemite is my favorite place on earth.
    The Ahwanhee is beautiful but if you want an amazing meal go to the Mountain Room Restaurant it is superior to any meal in the park and rivals the best restaurants we've ever eaten at. The Mountain Room Lounge is delightful also. Big roaring fire and great drinks. It is the ideal setting to wind down after a long day of sight seeing. Our favorite time of year to go is January. The Yosemite falls is usually frozen and there are few visitors to the park.

    Thanks Bruce for letting me reminisce about my favorite place.