The Dish Rag – 1.29.10


Adam: Here they are: the first publicized photos of the Whiskeytown Belly Flop Freeze, our start to 2010. What a great New Year’s Day – a jump in the icy lake, hot toddies and a hot dog barbecue lunch. It definitely needs to be an annual event. The best part was the look on the faces of the four fishermen, bundled up on the dock next to us. They thought we had just escaped from the asylum.







Troy: We left a perfectly warm house, got out of our perfectly warm van, stripped down to a swimsuit, walked down the plank at Whiskey Creek boat launch and on the count of three, jumped into the just-above-freezing water. Screaming and gasping drowned out the lake’s calmness as we raced and clambered for cold cement and bitter breeze. Teeth chattering, we grabbed our towels as if they were armor to fend off hypothermia. Damn, it was a blast! Let’s do it again next year. We escaped!

Adam: So, the new year started off great, and now it’s your birthday. That’s right, readers, it’s Troy’s birthday today! For he’s a jolly good fellow… for he’s a jolly good fellow. OK, that’s enough. I know you get embarrassed when the attention is on you. You’ve never enjoyed opening gifts in front of party guests. I admire your humility, actually, because I’m like, “It’s all about me, bring it on. You didn’t bring me a present? Adios!” My birthday is May 21, by the way. Put it on your calendars.

Troy: Really, May 21, huh? Why then, on May 1, do you do the birthday dance (picture a touchdown dance but with more “I’s” and “me’s”) in celebration of your birthday? Oh, yes, it’s because you take the entire damn month. Not one day like the rest of us but all 31 days.

Adam: I’m not entirely greedy. I leave the other 11 for others. But I do make May all about me. Thank goodness my birthday is in May. For some reason, and even though it’s the start to a new year, January is always a lousy month. Anyone else feel this way? Let’s make a list – your mom had heart surgery and she and her two dogs are living with us for a month (Feels like a year. I’m sure it does to her, too.) Grandma is coming to stay for a few weeks and our vegan-grizzly-Adams-fresh-from-Hayfork friend is coming for a few weeks to hang out. Our neighbors think we’re operating a homeless shelter and animal rescue.

Troy: The first part of the year has always been sketchy for me. January 10-ish to about Valentine’s Day always brings me terrible news. I think that is why I love spring so much. By Valentine’s Day, the black clouds have lifted and the year blooms into something I ultimately appreciate. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I’m excited about our “Conditions of the Heart” group art show at Vintage Wine Bar. This is one of my favorite shows of the year. It’s fun, uplifting and not as serious. As an artist I can play and be lighter with my work.

Adam: I can’t believe that this will be our third annual “Conditions of the Heart.” Each year it gets bigger and better. This year, we have 30 artists, all interpreting love and romance. The variety of work proves that some of our hearts aren’t in the best condition. But that’s what I love about art: It provides an outlet for our feelings, even in the darkest times. Speaking of great art, Friday is Redding’s annual Cultural Cruise. It’s a really fun way to see our community’s public art. You can visit eight venues in one night, including the museum and gallery in Old Shasta and a new venue for public art — the Redding library. Click here for the map to all eight stops.

Troy: Redding is really becoming a culturally rich little city. We have the S.F. Gay Men’s Chorus performing Saturday night at the Cascade Theatre. I personally am ecstatic about this performance being here and I applaud the Shasta County Arts Council for helping to bring it to Redding.

Adam: Thursday was a good night for North State arts too. Our friend James Santos, with cast, crew and 200-plus close friends celebrated six years of the Dance Project. Wow. Congratulations, James. We had a wine tasting, appetizers, a show opener by our own Doni Greenberg and a preview of the Dance Project’s spring show. Talk about getting bigger and better. Support them, everybody. We need to keep the arts alive.

Troy: You know, we’re starting to sound like a couple of broken records. Art, art and more art. Let’s talk about something outside our comfort zone. What is something we know nothing about? Sports. Go.

Adam: Let’s take football. I won’t insult readers by even pretending to know about it. But what I do know is that, as I write this, there are 9 days, 12 hours and 36 minutes to go until Super Bowl Tuesday, uh, I mean, Sunday, that Carrie Underwood is singing the national anthem and that Super Bowl snacks make me want to don a New Orleans Saints jersey (or Indianapolis Colts; I have no preference), lie on the couch all day and watch the most expensive commercials ever made. I can mute the game in between and read People magazine. Just keep the nachos, mini pizzas, and sweet and sour meatballs coming.

Troy: It’s true. If you’re only going to watch one sporting event, make it the Super Bowl. It’s the crescendo of all sporting events. The Tour de France and the Winter Olympics? Come on. Do it right. Ice down some beer, and scream and yell at the tube. Tune in Feb. 7. Did you know there are websites devoted to Super Bowl commercials? Click here to check them out.

Adam: So, have a great time, everybody, whether you head out for an art show, buy tickets to a chorus, stay home for the big game or jump in a lake. But first, tell us a recipe for your favorite Super Bowl snack.

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