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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Erin Friedman says:

    Spending time with my husband and kids – they make me laugh.

  2. Avatar Loves to Eat says:

    Not going to the office for work!

  3. Avatar Larry Sparman says:

    Being with my Grandchildren. Dostoyevsky said,"The soul is healed by being with children. " So true.

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Listening to my guys when they have a great belly laugh, and there are A LOT of those at our house! Lucky us!

  5. Avatar Pat j. says:

    Checking out the Sacramento River and wild life.

  6. Avatar Eva Yousfi says:

    Having a job I like, a family I love, and friends.

  7. Avatar lee riggs says:

    cooking, garden, cat

  8. Avatar Handsel says:

    Being together with family, laughing with friends and eating great food with friends and family

  9. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    I get a kick out of the goofy antics of my animals and Adam.

  10. Avatar Ann Webber says:

    My most treasured times are when I realize how fortunate I am to work and play with my family and dear friends. I am privileged to be the guardians of my pets. I also must say that the beauty of nature around us is a pleasure each day!

  11. Avatar Darbie says:

    The most enjoyable thing about my everyday life ……..

    My life! I've achieved an age that allows me to realize that I can live the life I enjoy. I don't feel the pressure to be what my neighbors are. Have what my neighbors have. I don't try to prove myself to anyone anymore.

    I know a great man loves me. I know I love him.

    If I could only get the dog to stop shedding……