Jeff Crank – The Man Behind the Signs

A few places to spot Jeff Crank’s large-scale, colorful and exciting murals are Gene’s Drive-In, Lighthouse Fish-n-Chips and all three of Redding’s Burrito Banditos. Jeff participated in ARTsMART 2009 in the Mt. Shasta Mall, the first time to show his work in a fine art venue. He awed patrons of the mall that day with his large paintings of jellyfish and Hawaiian-themed scenery.


Jeff is a self-taught artist with over 35 years of experience, specializing in pin striping, custom signs, murals, and automotive painting. Jeff was raised in Southern California, surrounded by artists like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, creator of Rat Fink from the 1970s. His work is inspired by legendary artists such as Frank Frezetta, Boris Vallejo, and Sorayamah, and is motivated by his supportive wife, Debbie, and brother, Jim.


Jeff’s most recent commission is a half-serpent, half-tiger motorcycle.


Jeff moved to Redding in 1986 and opened Crank’s Signs, his spacious studio now located on Caterpillar Road. His focus now is fine art using automotive paints. He recently picked up acrylics for his fine art endeavors. Although he doesn’t consider himself a fine artist, his raw talent proves otherwise.


Jeff’s work is currently on display at the Peddler’s Mall on Eureka Way, and at his studio, 4305 Caterpillar Road, Suite C2. For more information, call (530) 410-2281.

ARTsMART is a program of the Shasta County Arts Council that brings together artists in all mediums to show their work and demonstrate their crafts. Artist Raette Meredith coordinates the annual event each October in the Mt. Shasta Mall.

raette-meredith-bio-picRaette Meredith is a mother of three, artist, website developer and Americorps Vista volunteer for the Shasta County Arts Council. She conceptualized and developed Artazine and, an extensive directory of art classes in the North State.

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Philbert says:

    I have long admired Jeff's work and have felt artists who work in this milieu are vastly underappreciated, Ed Roth, Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse and, yes, Jeff Crank, deserve special recognition and respect. Their work is expressive of a time and place that is truly unique and wholly American… not to mention beautiful (and fun!)

    Thank you Raette, for showcasing this amazing local talent.

    Oh, and Jeff, I'd love to stop by your studio and say hi sometime. You know, talk about your work and your influences and (most selfishly) pick up some pointers!

    Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Avatar Troy Hawkins says:

    Great story about a great artist.

    We are very lucky to live in Northern California. There are an enormous amount of talented artists working at what they love. Jeff's work is just another example of the beauty that surrounds us each day. Thanks Jeff.

  3. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    That Jeff just cranks it. I love his cars at Gene's. They bring back memories of the 60's. Keep on Crankin' em out Jeff.

    You are truly a local treasure!

  4. Avatar Mike Morgan - MOGAN says:

    Jeff is a true pillar of our Kustom artist community. Growing up I visually disected his works through out our city, he helped me grow as an artist. I really love his devotion to the world of art, and he is an ispiration to many of us artists. he raised two kids as an artist and that is very impresive and much harder than it sounds. Jeff is also one of the funniest and most awesome people you could ever talk to. If you know him you love him.

  5. Avatar Jeff Crank says:

    Wow, I just found this site for the first time. I'm not real good at all this computer stuff. I was so surprised to see the comments posted on here. Thank You all so much for the kind words. Jeff

  6. Avatar minette bryant says:

    Nice work, my husband was dropping something off to you or something of that sort and asked me to look up a phone # or address and wow nice work im impressed!!