Fighting Development in Churn Creek Bottom

Opponents of the proposed retail development at the Knighton Road exit off Interstate 5 are hosting a letter-writing campaign TODAY in Redding.

The so-called Hawkins Project, which ultimately could include 92 acres of shopping, dining, entertainment and travel facilities, is being fiercely opposed by those who live in Churn Creek Bottom, and the latest battle concerns the draft environmental impact statement. The comment period ends at 5 p.m. today.

Bridgette Brick-Wells, executive director of Healthy Lunch & Lifestyle Inc., is offering her office at 1647 Hartnell for last-minute commenters from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. today. Computers, printers and refreshments will be available, and comments will be hand-delivered to the Shasta County Resource Management department.

To see the draft environmental impact report, click here.

  • We’ll have a blue moon for New Year’s Eve. A blue moon is a second full moon in a single month. The last full moon was Dec. 2. Thursday’s will be the first blue moon since 2007. More here.
  • For those closely following the marijuana debate, the Los Angeles Times has a nice roundup of the four (!) states, including California, where legalization bills are being introduced. Click here.
  • Monday Morning QB: The Colts pull their stars while ahead by five points, and end up losing their chance of a perfect season as they fall to the Jets, 29-15. Raiders fall to the lowly Browns. Niners beat the lowly Lions. Steelers squeaked past the Ravens to stay in the playoff hunt. Tonight: Vikings vs. Bears.
  • Rules for Successful Living #2: Never eat anything bigger than your head.

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10 Responses

  1. Avatar Philbert says:

    With a head the size of yours, Rule #2 doesn't exclude much, does it? So, what? Never eat a Winnebago? A planet?

  2. Avatar Doug Bennett says:

    It may be just me, but I'm thinking that anything larger than your mouth could be difficult to eat. People eating bread box sized bites would have to have extraordinarily large mouths(Bread box size is the size of a box that would hold a standard loaf of bread.) Those that eat bread box bites would have to have heads, probably….., 4 times as large as a bread box; which makes me wonder if Hal has some giants in his recent ancestry? Which brings me back to my original thought: What has any of this got to do with "successful living"? Are we having fun yet?

  3. Avatar Russell K. Hunt says:

    The handful of people in the Churn Creek Bottom who believe they live in a rural environment need professional help. There are 31 businesses, 6 trailer parks and 5 subdivisions in the Bottom. A shopping center at Knighton the best economic use of the property and will create 1000 jobs. This is one battle they will lose. And the weather here in Suriname is fab.

  4. Avatar Shasta Co. Farmer says:

    Ha! Mr. Hunt thinks it's the "best economic use of the property?" and will create 1,000 jobs? That's quite a crystal ball you have there. You would make a good politician. Maybe you should run for something.

    • Avatar JeffG says:

      Oh Lord, I can see the signs now…

      Russel Hunt for
      <del>City Council</del>
      <del>Enterprise School Board</del>
      Board of Supervisors

      • Avatar Russell K. Hunt says:

        Actually that would be Superintendent of County Schools/ and yes it will create many jobs which is more important than a field of hay. At least 95% of Shasta County is open space, forests, or ranches. 92 acres won't be missed out of millions. Jobs are priority one.

  5. Avatar pmarshall says:

    Russel Hunt Needs to Examine the consequences of another "mall". There are so many empty stores now, it doesn't make sense to go on building and building. Yes, I know, the taxes, taxes, taxes.

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