Caribou Barbie to Stay Clothed

You’ve probably heard by now that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has added a matinee performance to her sellout February appearance in Redding, but we’ve got an update. If you look at the Redding Convention Center’s website, you’ll see that the speech gets the same rating treatment as movies and Broadway shows. Here’s what it says:

Violence: None

Language: None

Nudity: None

I’ll let you insert your own Palin joke here. It’s so easy, you can do it yourself!

Anyway, the former vice presidential candidate is a guaranteed big hit in Redding, where she’s kicking off the annual Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference on Feb. 8. The evening show sold out quickly, prompting the addition of the 3 p.m. matinee on the same day.

Here’s the part that wows me: Tickets are $74 and $54. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t pay $74 to see Bruce Springsteen, much less Sarah Palin.

Tell you what, Redding Convention Center, dump the Palin speech and let me do it instead. I can get up and be incomprehensible in front of large crowds; I’ve done it before. I’d charge half as much as Palin. Hell, I’d even throw in a little nudity. Think it over and get back to me.

  • A new study suggests that nearsightedness is growing at a phenomenal rate. Scientists think the cause may be so much time spent indoors staring at screens. Full story here.
  • Weather Report: Still raining. Snow in the mountains. Stay home.
  • PremierWest Bank and the Good News Rescue Mission are conducting a sock drive to round up warm socks for homeless men, women and children. Drop off donations at PremierWest Bank locations in Redding and Anderson.
  • Kathy Ann Anderson, chief executive officer of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, has been elected vice chair of the League of California Community Foundations. Congrats!

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar Natalie says:

    Is the mastication of dipthongs considered?

  2. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:

    I'd be thrilled to pay $74 to see Bruce. He sings, he plays, he kisses Clarence Clemons on the lips. Are you gonna get that with Palin? I think not.

  3. Avatar Steve Fischer says:

    I started to say I wouldn't pay $74 to see anybody in concert, until I remembered that Nancy & I went to see Bette Midler in Vegas last summer.
    For the prices of those tickets, we should have gotten full body massages.

  4. Avatar Jeff Avery says:

    Obviously there are plenty of people willing to pay the ticket prices, hence the sold out show. Good thing about America, we can all enjoy our different passions.

    Steve – if you were going to be nude on stage it's probably a good thing that nearsightedness is on the rise!

  5. Avatar Uncle Duke says:

    If sara palin is going to continue masquerading around in a shadow of doom as the judas goat for the republican party i would be one to recommend that she go's Pentecostal at her sermon that she will be blessing redding with.

    "the crowd roars in a frenzy, serpents dangling from her arms and the unkind word's of purification unto an orgy of cruel visions of a palin America"

    i predict that no children will be present, in the event of impending volcanic eruptions and earthquakes if's often been said that small children and animals first feel the sense of unrest long before the main event.

  6. Avatar Robert Guinn says:

    I’ll let you insert your own Palin joke here. It’s so easy, you can do it yourself!

    Insight: None

  7. Avatar Michael Allison says:

    Remember Anita Bryant? Same appeal.

  8. Avatar Pat j. says:

    I'm guessing??? you meant to be funny Steve, re Caribou Barbie and not mean spirited. Truly sorry you are not going to attend Steve, as I was looking forward to a fair review.