Let’s Go Space Fishing

Scientists say one of Jupiter’s moons has enough warmish water and oxygen to support life, and not just microbes and stuff. Fish, or some alien equivalent, could thrive on the ocean moon of Europa.

Researchers tell National Geographic that new estimates of oxygen available on Europa are 100 times higher than earlier guesses. The planet’s icy surface appears to be constantly shifting, which could mean more oxygen in the hundred-mile-deep waters below. (You’ll have to read the full story, here, to get a better explanation…)

The upshot is that conditions are right to support up to three million tons of fish-sized creatures, and at least one scientist said he’d be shocked if there wasn’t life on Europa.

NASA is planning an orbiter to get a better look.

  • Bad day to be flying anywhere the United States. Federal Aviation Administration computer problems have thrown flight schedules into chaos coast to coast. Details here.
  • The loop road through Lassen Volcanic National Park (State Road 89) has been closed for the winter.
  • A $50,000 donation from Hatchet Ridge Wind, LLC, has been used to establish the Burney Regional Community Fund, which will award grants to nonprofit groups in eastern Shasta County. The fund is part of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, which plans Dec. 11 workshops in Burney to show folks how to apply for the grants. For more info, click here.
  • The rest area at Lakehead, about 30 miles north of Redding on Interstate 5, will close Dec. 1 so crews can completely remodel it and bring it up to date with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The $1 million project is scheduled to be completed in August 2010.

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Steve Brewer

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