Poll: Voters Sick of Governor, Lawmakers

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A new Field Poll shows that approval ratings for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state Legislature are scraping bottom.

Only 27 percent of respondents approve of the job the governor is doing, his lowest rating ever. It’s even worse for the Legislature: Only 13 percent give lawmakers a thumbs-up. That’s the lowest level Field has recorded in the 25 years it’s been doing such polls in California.

The only time a governor has scored lower was when Gray Davis’ approval rating fell to 22 percent, shortly before he was voted out and replaced by Schwarzenegger. Sixty-five percent of the respondents disapprove of Schwarzenegger’s performance, also his worst number ever.

For more on the poll results, click here or here.

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Grammy of Igo says:

    Caleefornia voted Davis out, to vote Arnold in. All this cost California citizens, millions. People signed petitions to have all this done. Now we can't stand the guy that is in, yet we voted him in twice! We are going to have to suck it up and wait for the next election. People! think who you are putting in office! Choose the guy because he can do the job with the best experience there is to offer. Not because he is a well known bad actor and married to a Kennedy. And at that we did it twice! (worth mentioning twice!!) I did not vote for the guy either time but the majority did.

    If you do not vote, you are NOT allowed to complain. I am sorry, but only people that VOTED are allowed to speak their mind

    California is in a mess. Arnold came in and wiped out worker's rights for compensation if injured but it didn't bring businesses back to California.

    When homes were selling for $100,000s more than they were worth, government was busy spending the tax dollars like sailor on leave. Now the market has gone down, people are requesting their properties to be revaluated to a much lower amount because of falling homes prices. Down goes the tax dollars and it is blame someone day.

    Seems to me that the people that bought homes on the idea of making a quick profit or the buyer that had NO business buying one ever and loan companies were loaning on 125% of the value or giving loans when they shouldn't have, are in my mind to blame. But no one cares what I think. Just pay my taxes and shut up about it.

  2. Avatar Frank Loftis says:

    In 1964 Reynolds Vs Sims stated that state legislatures must be apportioned by population only. Now we still have a bi-cameral legislature– both houses based on population! This is a flagrant duplication, and look at all the frustration and inefficiency we get for this farce. If we are really sincere about reform why have we not changed to a Bi-cameral legislature. Think, a bill not having to go back and forth between the houses til they compromise, if ever. When I think of the hard financial times we face and the cost of an unneccessary house it upsets my tummy. I wonder if this is like the fairy tale of THE KING'S CLOTHES" where in the parade no one wanted to point out that the king was wearing no clothes?