Hookahs Draw Health Alert

Hookah bars, which have become commonplace in big cities, apparently have arrived in the North State. Shasta County health officials issued a warning this week, alerting the public to the dangers of tobacco smoked through hookahs.

“Contrary to what many beginning users may think, hookah tobacco smoking carries many of the same risks as cigarette smoking, including being linked to lung cancer and other lung diseases,” said Nathan Read of the Shasta County Public Health Tobacco Education Program. “Hookah tobacco is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.”

Hookahs are water pipes that have been used in Asia for centuries. Specially prepared tobacco is put into a central bowl, and users draw the water-cooled smoke through long hoses. In recent years, hookah bars have become popular hangouts for young adults in urban areas and college towns.

Health officials say a session of smoking a hookah for 45 minutes to an hour is equivalent to chain-smoking 15 cigarettes. Cough, cough, gag.

For more info about hookahs and the dangers of tobacco smoke, click here.

  • With Shasta County’s unemployment rate still in double digits, it’s nice to hear that they’re hiring up at the Hatchet Ridge Wind Farm. Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Inc., is holding a job fair from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Burney Chamber of Commerce.  There will be an open forum to discuss jobs with RES subcontractors in painting, plumbing, electrical, structural, building finish, rebar and concrete placement.  Applicants should dress professionally and bring resumes. For more info, click here.
  • From Our Inbox:Attached is a News Press Release for dissemination to the public at your earliest convenience.” Sounds sticky.
  • Though you can make a good argument that it’s too soon, I still was delighted to hear that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe the prize will give him more “street cred” with the zanies in the Middle East, and we can finally find some peace over there. Plus, he’s one of ours. I always root for the Americans, like those guys who won the physics prize the other day. Don’t get me started on how the literature prize judges pass over great American authors like Philip Roth in favor of writers no one has ever heard of.
  • Fellow tall guy John N. Stewart drops a line to say his artwork is on display this month at Tapas Downtown as part of 2nd Saturday ArtHop.  John’s an interesting guy — an artist and musician who has a gallery and studio in Lake California, he spent 25 years doing art for Hollywood films, including portraits of such notables as Bette Davis.

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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Paul says:

    Hey Steve, Here's a bit of news I am sure you didn't know.

    Those of us who use Hookah understand that using it is not healthy. However there are many things that ANTI-SMOKERS rely upon for their assault on these products.

    Yes we understand that "smoking" anything is not healthy. If you don't understand this you must be brain dead or live under a rock.

    Contrary to what many beginning users may think, hookah tobacco smoking carries many of the same risks as cigarette smoking,

    This has not been proven of Hookah use. Before you get all up about this do some research….. there are NO studies linking the two. Only studies on BURNING tobacco, which a Hookah does not do. NO a Hookah does not burn tobacco. Talk to people who know how to set one up before you comment on this.

    including being linked to lung cancer and other lung diseases,

    Ok this next part cam directly from the same report that has been used for a long time to try to "nanny" everyone to quit smoking. It is from the World Health Organization report. Now for some real information…. This report has already been proven as "junk science" the reason for this is due to the fact that the WHO didi not do any research themselves but only quoted certain bit of information from over 50 different reports. The director of the "study" done by WHO has even stated that the information was taken out of context in the report.

    Whaaa? You don't believe the almighty WHO could be wrong? Research it and you will see that they are. And it has been admitted to be true by many of the so called scientists that work for the WHO.

    Health officials say a session of smoking a hookah for 45 minutes to an hour is equivalent to chain-smoking 15 cigarettes.

    Now it is really obvious by you r anti-smoking columns that you are an avid anti-smoker so let me say I am not trying to change your mind, however I am trying to educate the general masses that will believe your anti-smoking lies ( or should I say your under researched quoted and reworded lies ).

  2. Avatar Paul says:

    Hmmm, funny how the post I added last night with all the links to the sites proving that this is all crap is not posted. Why is that Steve? Afraid some one might be swayed away from your cock n bull story? I wuld say that is censorship at its finest.

    Hiel Hitler.

    Anti-Smoking Nazi.

  3. Avatar Hal Johnson says:

    Well dang, Steve: When did "A Corner Booth" became such a hotbed of controversy?

  4. Avatar Steve Brewer says:

    The only negative thing Isaid about hookahs was the editorial comment: "Cough, cough, gag." The rest of the information came from Shasta County Public Health officials. I, personally, am a great believer in personal freedom, and feel that Paul should smoke all the hookahs he wants. As long the rest of us don't have to breathe it, more power to him. I consider this Darwinism at work.

  5. Avatar keeppaddling says:

    Paul said

    " Hmmm, funny how the post I added last night with all the links to the sites proving that this is all crap is not posted"

    It's got nothing to do with the quality of the links, just the quantity. Our software automatically sets aside comments with multiple links, because comments with lots of links are almost always spam. Sorry if your careful research got filtered out, but if you pick your best reference, and use that, it should come through cleanly.